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AVPNews May 2015 edition

  AVPNews May 2015 Contents May 2015 Edition Asia’s premier Social Investing & Philanthropy conference – video, photos and reports out now! How do you start a Social Impact Bond? The hard work, lessons and key ingredients involved Why planning for an Exit strategy is fundamental before any investment Learning from Failures with CAF Venturesome… Read More »

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Thank you for making the AVPN 2015 Conference another great success!

Thank you for making the largest AVPN conference a great success! 25 Sessions, 98 Speakers and 478 Delegates 28 Countries and 304 Organisations 450 connections via AVPN Connector and many other informal exchanges Session reports and photos are now available!  We understand that you might have missed the opportunity to attend some of the breakout sessions given… Read More »

China Social Enterprise & Social Investment Forum on 18-19 June

  AVPN’s new partner in China, the China Social Enterprise and Social Investment Forum (CSESIF) will be having its inaugural annual conference on June 18th-19th in Shenzhen, China. CSESIF was jointly initiated by Mr. Xu Yongguang, President of Narada Foundation and Mr. Zheng Weining, President of Canyou Group as a membership based network dedicated to… Read More »

AVPN June Friday Session – Empowerment through financial inclusion

                           Financial inclusion is fundamental to the social agenda of reducing income inequality and poverty. Today there are still 2.5 billion people around the globe who lack access to formal financial services at reasonable cost. Milaap is an online platform that promotes financial inclusion… Read More »

Two Basic Truths of Investing for Social Impact

Paul Carttar, has collaborated with AVPN on a tour in India and Thailand for a series of presentations, workshops and meetings with government officials, private investors, and social sector leaders about investing private capital for social impact. He has reflected the tour and discussed two basic truths likely to influence how this arena of investing… Read More »

‘The Performance Imperative’ – A framework for Social Sector Excellence

Impetus-PEF just launched “The performance imperative”, seeking to answer two important questions: what does a high-performance organisation look like in the social sector, and what are the key disciplines needed to achieve high performance? To What End? In Other Words, Why Should You Care About High Performance? In this era of scarcity and seismic change,… Read More »