Inspiring Impact – Building a Movement

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Inspiring Impact is a programme working with the charity sector to help organisations focus on their impact. It was established in 2012 with a vision to make good impact practice the norm for charities and social enterprises by 2022.

Inspiring Impact is a collaborative programme, developed by a consortium of organisations in the charity sector. Inspiring Impact’s partner organisations (ACF, Building Change Trust, CES (now part of NCVO), Evaluation Support Scotland, NCVO, NPC and Substance) include both funders and charities, and each of them apply their own specialist expertise to the programme. Together we aim to bridge the gap between impact theory and practice by delivering tangible free tools for the sector.

Inspiring Impact’s programme is centred around five strands of work, each led by different partners, and each with specific resources:

 Impact leadership: helping charities and social enterprises know what good impact practice looks like, and encouraging good impact leadership so organisations can improve. Resources include the Code of Good Impact Practice and Are you leading for impact?

 Coordinating support: helping charities and social enterprises understand the support available to them, and how best to use it – primarily through Measuring Up!

 Data, tools and systems: developing the infrastructure needed to ensure the sector can review, access and use the best quality data, tools and systems – primarily through the Impact Hub.

 Shared measurement: supporting charities and social enterprises working on similar issues, and towards similar goals, to reach a common understanding of what to measure, and developing the tools to do so. Resources include the Blueprint for shared measurement, The Journey to EmploymenT (JET) framework and the Future of shared measurement guide.

 Funders, commissioners and investors: supporting funders to improve their practices around impact measurement, embed a focus on impact in funding decisions, and build monitoring and evaluation costs into their funding. Resources include the Funders’ principles and drivers of good impact practice.

Inspiring Impact has, over its first three years, achieved significant interest in the sector – with over 187,000 visits to the website and 52,000 interactions with Inspiring Impact resources. This evaluation, at the end of the third year of Inspiring Impact, aims to understand usage, satisfaction and outcomes in relation to the Inspiring Impact website and some of the key resources.

To B or Not To B – An Investor’s Guide to B Corps


The B Corp movement – a group of for-profit companies that have committed to pursuing social or environmental goals alongside their financial targets – has increasingly global aspirations.

Initially founded in the U.S. in 2006, there are now almost 1,400 B Corps around the world, of various forms and sizes. This September, B Lab (the U.S. non-profit behind the movement) is bolstering its international presence with the launch of two new B Lab ‘global partners’, in the UK and Portugal – to add to its existing offshoots in Canada, Australia, Europe and South America.

At Bridges, we have always believed that business can be harnessed as a powerful force for good. Since our foundation in 2002, we have been investing in for-profit UK companies that are seeking to have a positive social and environmental impact – not just because they are good for the world, but also because businesses that are helping to solve society’s most pressing challenges have strong long-term growth prospects.

We are seeing more businesses like this emerging than ever before. In this postcrisis world, as the millennial generation increasingly comes to the fore, there is a growing appetite for a different approach to business and investment – one where making a profit and tackling complex social and environmental problems are no longer mutually exclusive. Certifying as a B Corp is a way for companies to signal their commitment to this new way of doing business.

But if this ‘profit with purpose’ movement is going to succeed and scale, these companies need risk capital to support their growth. And this will only happen if investors are persuaded that this approach can genuinely create more valuable, more sustainable businesses. It is to this end that we are publishing this short paper. Building on the work done last year by the Social Impact Investment Taskforce, it aims to help potential investors understand exactly what being a B Corp involves, and the opportunities and challenges this presents.

AVPN Chairman Doug Miller will be keynote speaker at the Beijing Forum 2015

Douglas Miller

Approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and under the auspices of the Beijing Municipal Government, Beijing Forum is an international forum co-sponsored by Peking University, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, and Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies.

The general theme of Beijing Forum is “The Harmony of Civilizations and Prosperity for All”. Beijing Forum aims at promoting the study of humanities and social sciences around the world. It endeavors to promote academic development and social progress across the world in order to contribute to the development and prosperity of humankind. Beijing Forum believes in promoting and safeguarding the progress of the human society through the peaceful integration of civilizations.

Beijing Forum, which was initiated in 2004, is held annually. This year will see its tenth anniversary. So far it has witnessed the involvement of a total of over 3700 participants including well known politicians and noted scholars from more than 70 countries and regions around the world.