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Snaildy Education

Snaildy Education Limited, established in December 2019, aims to build a closely connected and intelligent special educational needs (SEN) ecosystem. It leverages technology to support the growth of SEN students and promote inclusiveness within the community, families, and schools. Additionally, Snaildy serves as the backbone for in-school student support teams, transforming their traditional work models into digital technology-based systems. This comprehensive approach enhances administrative efficiency and reduces work pressure, allowing teachers to allocate more time to educating and caring for SEN students.

NPO Waffle

Waffle is the market leader in providing young women hands-on CS-related opportunities, and has won several prestigious awards, including one personally delivered by the Prime Minister of Japan. Specifically, Waffle provides three programs targeted at young women in middle and high school and one program for college students. All the programs share the same components: hands-on skill, career vision, empowerment, and gender topics to inoculate the young women in male-dominated CS areas so that they will thrive as women leaders in the future. In addition to hands-on experience with 300+ students, Waffle provides career and gender lectures all over Japan with attendance ranging over 1,000 people annually.

India Animal Fund

India Animal Fund (IAF) is a backbone organisation that matches funders with credible & capable implementation partners and helps deliver impact at scale for the most pressing animal welfare issues.

We are a diverse mix of passionate leaders from the corporate and animal welfare sector taking a strategic look at ending all forms of animal harm. With decades of experience in multinational corporations and the development sector, we believe that doing the most good means to minimise the suffering of the most vulnerable viz animals.

We are devoted to the cause of mainstreaming and elevating the animal protection movement in India. We work in collaboration with national and international sector experts and constituents to create impact.

Sindh Community Foundation

Founded in the year 2001, the Sindh Community Foundation (SCF) is a prominent non-governmental organization (NGO) with a national outreach, operating from its Head Office in Hyderabad. SCF has established itself as a vital player in the field of community development and social service. The organization has achieved special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSOC) since 2015, highlighting its commitment to international cooperation and humanitarian endeavors. SCF aspires to empower communities to become self-sustained, ensuring that every member enjoys the opportunity to live a dignified life. SCF is working for economic empowerment, decent work , climate change adaptation , education, environment , WASH &youth

Passerelles Numériques

Passerelles Numériques (PN) is a French international NGO operating in Cambodia since 2006, the Philippines since 2009, and Vietnam since 2010. It aims at alleviating poverty through digital skills training. It thus provides free vocational training in IT to vulnerable youths, including over 50% of girls, covering accommodation, food, tuition and medical expenses of PN students throughout their training. The curriculum is adapted to each local context and industry needs. It encompasses both hard, technical skills in IT and English, and soft skills (communication, public speaking, time management, etc.) to best prepare students to integrate professional contexts. It is concluded by an end-of-studies internship. Students also benefit from extra-curricular activities such as sports and music. In Vietnam (PNV), the training lasts 3 years and focuses on computer science and web development. 95% of students found qualified employment within just 3 months of graduation.

Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation

Lotus Petal Foundation founded in 2011 works on Changing Lives. One Child at a time. Our work spans three thematic areas- education, nutrition, and livelihood for underprivileged students and takes place through our two school campuses primarily. Our 2 educational campuses are operational in Village Silokhera and the other at Village Dhunela in Gurugram, India and have approximately 1500+ total strength of students. Once fully built and operational, our Dhunela campus will cater to 10,000 students at one time, making it India’s biggest philanthropic school for underserved children. Skill Development Centre, Kitchen & Dining and Academic Block -1 with 40 classrooms have been completed, 130 more to be constructed. Our Digital Live Interactive Platform has imparted remote learning classes to 6500+ students in 125+ government schools/other non-profit schools in 8 states and 2 Union Territories of India. We plan to have 1,00,000 children by 2026 on our platform.

Gigatonne (10-in-10)

Gigatonne is a climate tech platform that sells a high-integrity supercredit. They use climate financing to create green jobs by training and financing teams in the Global South to do abatement activities and impact their local communities. They pay teams $200 per credit and sell for $250 – $500 (reduction – removals). One team can go from 10 tonnes/month to 1000 tonnes/month in 18 months.

Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind (Sightsavers India)

Sightsavers India, or Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind, is a development organisation working with partners to reduce avoidable blindness and promote equality of opportunity for people with disabilities.

Sightsavers India is collaborating with various departments of the respective state governments to scale up operations for Social Inclusion, Eye Health, and Inclusive Education — our three core areas of work.

We work in a sustainable way to promote lasting change by strengthening existing health systems, seeking to advocate with and influence governments, and by demonstrating best practices.

Sightsavers India believes in promoting technologies in eye healthcare, enabling a wider reach of health services. Using innovation in education, we try and make classrooms more inclusive for children with visual impairment.

Recity Network Private Limited

Recity is a Circular Plastic Asset Management Platform that aims to enhance waste recovery for circularity by bridging the demand-supply gap of recycled plastics. Delivering measurable impact, Recity is currently operational in 22+ cities, working with 3000+ waste value chain members and has brought 60,000 MTs of mismanaged waste into the circular economy.

Inphlox Water Systems Private Limited (Indra)

Indra is a deep tech water treatment company based out of Mumbai in India. We excel at decentralized treatment of wastewater with our patented electrical solution. We have treated over 900 million litres of water and potentially provided up to 75% net carbon savings with our water assets. Our modular plug and play systems treat a wide variety of pollutants, up to 90% space, generate 70% less sludge or solid waste and save 35% in life cycle costs. We were chosen as the winners of Global Freshwater Challenge by World Economic Forum and HCL at Davos 2023 and are part of the cohort of World Economic Forum. We were also invited to attend the United Nations Water Summit in New York during March 22 to 24, 2023 as part of the WEF delegation. I am happy to share that Indra was recently named to the prestigious 2023 APAC Cleantech 25 (https://i3connect.com/apac25/the-list) list.


JALODBUST is a Hardware led Social Enterprise, registered as a company in Nov 2019 at Bangalore under the name of CHERRIES ENGINEERING AND INNOVATION INDIA PVT. LTD.

Our motto is ‘Eradication of Manual Scavenging through Technology’ and our focus is on wet-sanitation. We believe that Manual Scavenging needs to end and the social disparity and poor incomes of the sanitation workers needs to be resolved and that can happen only when the ownership of the sanitation equipment goes into the hands of the worker.

So our focus is on developing techno-economically viable Systems, affordable and with high efficiency so that Livelihoods can be created and Safety and dignity can be given into the hands of the worker himself.

At present, it is a 100% family owned enterprise with funds raised from an Accredited Foreign Investor through Convertible Note, to be converted into equity at a triggering event or 5 years from date of investment, which ever happens earlier.


Technology spinoff from Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore. Team of dedicated scientists across domains – Applied Physics, Electrical, Microbial, Water.

We are a technology company whose mission is to enable global sustainable development by maximizing water re-use on site and minimizing carbon footprint. We offer simplified decentralized wastewater treatment and deploy technologies that increase water reuse and in turn reduce the burden on depleting freshwater resources.

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