An upper-middle income country, Thailand has embarked on a reform programme towards achieving the high-income status. Significant government support for the social economy could become a driving force behind this effort.

Ada Chirapaisarnkul
AVPN Representative

Ada Chirapaisarnkul

Thailand Representative
Landscape Report

Social Investment Landscape in Thailand

Thailand has a growing share of high net worth individuals and a long history of family giving driven by Bhuddist values. The government and local grant-making foundations have played a leading role in developing the country's social economy. Download the report to access Thailand's social investment landscape.

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Thailand Landscape Report

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(Credit: British Council) SUMMARY: In February 2019, Thailand passed the Social Enterprise Promotion Act. The Act outlines several key components and enabling measures that will be launched to accelerate the growth of its social enterprise sector. With this legislation, Thailand joins other countries from the region like Malaysia and Singapore who have introduced policies, tax […]

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The paper documents the development and achievements of the Social Investment Fund in Thailand. The Fund was launched in 1998 in response to the Asian Financial Crisis.

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