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How We Do It

Get to know how we mobilise the capital

We work with capital providers and impact organisations to bridge the gap between demand for and supply of human, intellectual, and financial capital. We empower capital providers with a more strategic approach to moving capital towards their cause while scaling the Impact Organisations and their work by strengthening the pipeline.


Equipping Social Enterprises, Inclusive Businesses and Non-Profits to Scale Sustainably


Bridging the gap between demand and supply

We work with a broad spectrum of capital providers that form part of the AVPN network. Recognising the diverse needs of this network, we have a model that is nimble and flexible to fit the needs and mandate of the different Capital Providers. Through the infographic below, we welcome you to explore the different causes and places around which our impact ecosystem takes shape.

Deal Share Platform

Explore our pipeline

Explore the impact organisation, impact project, and impact deal landscape. Discover opportunities to scale your collaborations with capital providers and impact organisations. Unite around a shared purpose.

To be listed on the Deal Share Platform, you will require at least one AVPN member to endorse your project. The endorser should have provided financial and/or non-financial support to your organisation, and also be equipped with a good understanding of the organisation/project.

Philanthropic Funds

Move financial capital towards impact

The first-of-their-kind in Asia, our Philanthropic Funds provide unrestricted grants and apply impact measurement techniques – driving deep transformation that matures the ecosystem in Asia. Pool your funds with other capital providers or get help deploying your capital in Asia through an individual fund. Investigate our cause-specific evergreen funds that you can contribute to at any time.

Single-Donor Funds

APAC Sustainability Seed Fund 2.0

By leveraging the success of the first round of the APAC Sustainability Seed Fund, AVPN continues to mobilise continuum of capital into supporting climate solutions in the region.

Pooled Funds

Asian Youth Mental Wellbeing Fund

As a regional ecosystem builder, the Youth Mental Wellbeing Philanthropic Pooled Fund was launched to strengthen youth mental health and wellbeing systems in Asia.

Donor-Advised Funds

Grow and Maximise Your Impact in Asia

Harness the power of a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) to amplify your philanthropic impact. Leverage upon AVPN’s extensive regional experience and network to strategise your philanthropic giving in Asia while benefitting from professional investment management by our partners to grow your donation. It is a simple and tax-efficient long-term charitable giving tool.

Get in touch with us at [email protected] to learn about how your philanthropic giving can be maximised.

Ecosystem Building Initiatives

Moving non-financial capital towards impact

Leveraging on the diverse engagement models to facilitate awareness, engagement and build collaboration across social causes, markets and approaches.

We work with our members to strengthen the non-financial support that we provide the Impact Organisations by equipping them with the right tools and resources to help scale their impact.


Moving financial capital towards impact for our members

We also support our members who move financial capital towards impact through grant programmes designed to amplify impact around specific causes and for specific types of impact organisation. Explore the full list of grants, challenges, and competitions from our member organisations

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