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Some of the world’s most distinguished organisations share one thing in common: an AVPN membership to move capital effectively towards impact.


We are proud to announce the 2023 winners!

That are addressing complex problems of our times.

Constellation Awards 2023 Laureate


Constellation Awards 2023 Laureate

Developing Online Sales Skills to Improve Women’s Livelihoods

Constellation Awards 2023 Laureate

Skill Impact Bond


Who are AVPN members?

AVPN is a membership network made up of organisations that are deploying financial, human and intellectual resources to increase social impact in Asia. This includes:


The Asian Decade

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended our lives over the past months. We live in challenging times and there is certainly much to be frustrated about - Lives are lost, health and safety are a concern and restrictions prevent us from meeting one another in person.

However, as the saying goes: We can be the change we wish to see.

AVPN recently met up with some of our members across Southeast Asia to find out what some of our members are doing to not only build back better but also build forward better.

If irritated oysters can make pearls, what are passionate, frustrated, determined, and innovative social investors able to create in response?


Voice of Our Members: The Asian Decade


Code of Practice for Members

AVPN and all its members are committed to upholding the highest standards of practice in conducting their affairs with their donors, the charities and social enterprises they work with, governmental authorities, other stakeholders in their organisations and in the community at large. Our members are united by eight principles.

*Version dated 20 November 2011. Adapted from the European Venture Philanthropy Association’s Code of Practice (version in effect in October 2011).


Maintain accounts in accordance with the standards and practices in our respective countries and be transparent with respect to income, expenditure and assets.


Practice and promote ethical behavior.


Comply with all legal requirements in their respective countries.


Run their own organisations in accordance with accepted governance standards to promote efficiency and sustainability, ensuring that their own management and resources are sufficient to meet their stated objectives.


Ensure appropriate internal control of resources, carry out internal evaluations of the effectiveness of their programmes.


No member will misrepresent its relationship with AVPN and will not disclose any confidential or private information received from AVPN.


No members shall malign, defame or unfairly criticise any other member in any dealings.


Unethical conduct will be deemed to include any evasive device intended to conceal non-compliance with the Code of Practice.

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