One of the most dynamic economies in the world, Australia has a long-standing giving culture. Local grant-makers are leading the movement towards long-term strategic philanthropy.

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This background paper offers an overview of social innovation and three case studies of successful social innovation projects.

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The purpose of this discussion paper is to explore ways the Australian Government can develop the social impact investing market.

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Anita Toy By Anita Toy

2 min read

Aussie philanthropists faced steep barriers to international giving. That is now changing. Australians are among the world’s most generous people. In a year gone haywire punctuated by the bushfire crisis and a pandemic, Australians ranked among the top five givers (behind only Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada). And giving is still on the rise: in 2018, Australians donated about $3.75 billion to various causes, up eight percent from the previous year.

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Vivien Sim By Vivien Sim

6 min read

To initiate the shift towards a greener economy in a symbiotic manner with the private sector and civil society, governments need to first recognise where its comparative advantages lie and act in those spheres. Through a two-pronged approach, governments can pave a natural transition by creating the right fiscal environment for climate investments.

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July 12, 2019

Overcoming climate change and healthcare problems with philanthropic dollars

As efforts to prevent the worst effects of climate change gain urgency around the world, Singapore is already taking steps to address the crisis by investing in solar energy, developing more sustainable buildings and expanding the public transport system to reduce the need for cars. Disclosing this development recently, Senior Minister of State for Environment […]

The Edge
July 11, 2019

Listening to the Voice of the Beneficiary

5 min read

Funders are too far away from the end-beneficiaries of their programmes. Hearing what they have to say about them can help refine and improve those programmes. It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? And yet the practice tends to be the exception rather than the rule.

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