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Building local social investment ecosystems across Asia-Pacifc


Connect with and learn about the Local Social Investment Ecosystem in 15 markets

Our market pages provide deep dives into 15 Asia Pacific social economies. We want to help practitioners gain more thorough understanding of these markets, to make more strategic and high-impact social investments. Each market page highlights opportunities and gaps in the specific market, connects diverse members active in the region, and features deals for members to endorse and support.

Our Markets

Explore the social investment landscape across Asia

Click on a market to understand more about its social investment landscape and the market opportunities to drive impact.


One of the most dynamic economies in the world, Australia has a long-standing giving culture. Local grant-makers are leading the movement towards long-term strategic philanthropy.


Two decades of strong economic growth have propelled Cambodia towards attaining lower-middle-income status in 2015. Diversification of the economy and improvement of basic social services including education and healthcare are key to achieve sustainable development.

Global Markets

The Pan-Asia Market members comprise foundations, family offices, impact funds, corporations and intermediaries that are headquartered outside the region, but invest and work extensively across Asia-Pacific.

Hong Kong

One of the most dynamic economies in the world, Hong Kong is a significant gateway for international capital and has a long-standing giving culture. Local mega grant-makers are leading the movement towards long-term strategic philanthropy.


Impressive growth in recent years is propelling Indonesia to the 7th largest economy in the world by 2030. The country’s rich tradition of religious giving and young and entrepreneurial demographic provide a strong foundation for social investment.


The island nation of Japan has the most developed economy in Asia. Private foundations set up by businesses and high net worth individuals have a rich tradition of grant-making, while some corporates have gone beyond philanthropy to establish funds investing in impact-driven enterprises.

Mainland China

A developing market and the 2nd largest economy of the world, China is emphasizing responsible business and investment to build a society of mutual prosperity.


Malaysia’s drive for innovation continues to underpin its emerging social investment market.


The amazing story of Myanmar is that despite great political turmoil (a nascent but unstable democracy) their economy is among the fastest growing in the world.


With GDP growth rates hovering around 6.9%-7%, the Philippines is one of the top performers in Asia.


Singapore has a very robust and vibrant social investment ecosystem.

South Asia

Over the past decade, wealth in South Asia has grown dramatically and with it comes more sophisticated and engaged philanthropists and social investors. This group is tackling many of the economic inequalities still challenging the country through market-based approaches.

South Korea

After several decades of demonstrating rapid economic growth, South Korea is now sprouting demand for sustainable investing.


Renowned for its export-oriented technologically intensive economy, Taiwan also has a long tradition of charitable religious giving. In recent years, mainstream investors have started investing in impact-driven enterprises.


An upper-middle income country, Thailand has embarked on a reform programme towards achieving a high-income status. Significant government support for the social economy could become a driving force behind this effort.


Vietnam has become a destination of choice for global manufacturing firms. The country's high net worth individual population grew by 148% between 2007-2013, making it the fastest growing wealth market among the world's top 100 economies.


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Explore fresh insights, best practices, and frontline experience on social investing across Asia from our members.

Financial Inclusion

‘Go Far, Go Together’: Credit Suisse on Collaboration

Employability, Financial Inclusion

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Climate Action and Environment, Health

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Climate Action and Environment

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3 Strategic Actions for Successful Social Impact Measurement


Case Studies

Gain deeper insights from case studies of our members, which feature the workings, opportunities and challenges of social investing across Asia.

Axis Bank Foundation – Third party Midterm impact assessment

Bridges Ventures: Impact as an investment lens

British Council China: building the ecosystem, social enterprises and entrepreneurs

Affordable Housing, Agriculture

Caspian – Making due diligence work through pre-launch work, low costs and testing the relationship in negotiations

Agriculture, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

Caspian Impact Investment Adviser – IA in Financial Services, Agribusiness & Food and Affordable Housing in India

ChangeFusion – Mutually building the mutual fund



Discover in-depth insights and comprehensive analyses of Asia’s social investment landscape from our reports, which include studies, guides, and annual reviews.

Financial Inclusion

A Generation of Change-Makers

A Guide to Effective Capacity Building

A Guide to Effective Impact Assessment

Access to Energy and Sustainable Mobility: Landscaping Funding and Investments in India

Annual Report 2016

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