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Policy Lab India

India Policy
Leadership Lab

Cultivating Collaboration Between Social Investment and Policy in India


The India Policy Leadership Lab seeks to help policymakers explore the diverse ways in which private capital could be leveraged


Our Core Mission

To empower public sector agents of change and to increase the states’ capacity in executing and achieving impact goals – and the India Lab creates a viable ecosystem for the policymaker do to so successfully.

Lab Engagement Outcomes

Participate in convenings to understand the scope and scale the impact of the policy initiatives

Take action on partnership opportunities between private sector stakeholders and the policymaker’s team/office


Challenges faced by Indian policymakers in achieving cross-sector convergence for impact

Policy Leadership Lab Fellow and Alumni

Prasana R

Secretary, Panchayat & Rural Development Department at Government of Chhattisgarh

Ruchi Mathur

CEO at Pune City Connect

Raj Gilda

Co-Founder at Lend a Hand India

Rai Mahimapat Ray

Deputy Commissioner, District Magistrate and Collector, Ranchi at Deputy Commissioner Office (Ranchi District)

Policymakers strengthen their capacity by

Participating in well-designed opportunities

that engages with social investors and resources to bring partnerships to fruition

Deep-diving into the social investment landscape

to deploy resources and deliver innovative models more effectively

Navigating through rigid engagement parameters

and overcoming barriers for effective partnership, thereby enabling policy implementation at all levels

Programme Experience

Diverging from traditional fellowship models, the 12-month India Lab programme takes on a practice-based and adaptive approach that is able to efficiently navigate policymakers’ existing and often rigorous agendas and schedules. Through various forms of resources and tailored opportunities, the India Lab ably fosters credible partnerships and enable policymakers to access the right capital for their initiatives.

Key takeaways

Advance social investment partnership potential along identified milestones

Surfaced best practices and partnerships for capacity building and ecosystem support for the policymaking community


Deepen your understanding with webinars


Role of Private Sector in Strengthening Data Driven Governance and M&E of Public Sector Programmes

Project funded by

The Rockefeller Foundation

Members' Experience


The unprecedented nature of 2020 has shown the importance of agile, responsive and innovative policymaking. We are very glad to be partnering with AVPN to engage with key selected policymakers and incubate their ideas to scale for large scale human impact through the India Policy Labs. Together we aspire to empower public sector actors of change to effectively leverage the potential of mobilizing private sector capital to advance policy initiatives for impact.
Deepali Khanna

Managing Director of Asia Regional Office of Rockefeller Foundation

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