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Resources for Impact Organisations

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a2i Resources

Innovation briefs and publications

Abaca’s VIRAL Investment Readiness Scale

Toolkit for benchmarking the progress of organisations and establishes a common language to use between stakeholders

Acceleration Programmes for small-scale Entrepreneurs

Enterprise Support programmes assist individual enterprises in business development that is eco-inclusive

Accenture Development Partnerships

Addressing global complex social issues by utilizing Accenture's capabilities

Access Health International – Knowledge Center

Knowledge Centre Focus: Aging & Health

Action Aid Publications & Reports

Range of publications and insight reports covering areas of women rights, climate justice, food and farming

Acumen Business Models for Social Impact

A course to build a business model to launch your social enterprise

Acumen Courses

Online Courses

Acumen Financial Modeling for the Social Sector

Build sustainable financial models to scale your impact

Acumen Investments

Patient Capital, Early stage investments, Access to expertise and post-investment support

Ajooni Impact and Environmental Social and Governance (ESG)

Focus on delivering, measuring and reporting impact.

Ajooni Impact Investment

Innovative financing and commercially viable market-based solutions

Angin Ecosystem Knowledge

Data and Information to tackle the Indonesian Entrepreneurial Market

Angin Investment Network

Supporting entrepreneurs at their earlier stages (Pre-seed to Series A), from different industries and models

APSIC Actionable Impact Management Guides

Series of practical guides to social impact strategy, assessment and communication

Artha Platform

An online community dedicated to building relationships between resource providers and SPOs working on or in India.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Workshops, educator programs and youth programs that aim to bring people together around global and local issues

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grants

Grant opportunities to innovations that solve key health and development problems

British Council and Thomson Reuters SE structuring guide

Guide to legal structure of SEs in ASEAN

British Council Creative Economy Resources

Creative Economy toolkits, research and guides

British Council Creative Enterprise Toolkit

Nesta’s Creative Enterprise Toolkit is a practical resource to help you plan, build, test, communicate and launch your new creative business.

Business Development Opportunity for Women Entrepreneurs

The Cartier Women's Initiative is looking for committed women entrepreneurs heading businesses with the potential to grow significantly in the years to come.

Business Integrity Toolkit for Young Entrepreneurs

Provide young entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem enablers with guidance and tools to promote business integrity in the Asia-Pacific region

Capacity Building and Leadership Insights

Curated and relevant teaching, research, technology and service to the communities of philanthropic, social enterprise and nonprofit organisations.

Capacity Building for Impact Entrepreneurs

EY professionals provide hands-on or virtual services and support to help impact entrepreneurs improve their businesses’ resilience, productivity and capacity to scale sustainably.

Capital 4 Development Fund

Funding support of USD$200k-2mil to companies active in India, Indonesia & Philippines

CASE Smart Impact Capital

Online toolkit for impact entrepreneurs to help strategise, target and close the best deal for the organisation. Use discount code SMARTIMPACT10for 10% off your

CBAC Bengeng Training

Courses for strategic management and capacity building

CBAC RBA project results accountability system

Technical Solution for Team Management

CBAC Social Enterprise Academy

Learning and Development for Social Enterprises in China

CFS Grant

Grants for charities with good and sustainable program ideas

CIIE – Incubator Programs

Incubation centre and Startup support platform

CIIE Funds

Early stage focused fund aimed at producing breakthrough IP-driven innovations from India

Cisco Global Impact Cash Grants

Cash Grants for education, economic empowerment, and critical human needs

Cisco Networking Academy Courses

"Choose a course, practice what you learn, and become an IT professional"

Credit Suisse Responsible Investments

Investment products and services available that aim to benefit society and the environment, such as impact funds, green finance and sustainable research

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