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Corporate Social Impact

Corporates for Social Impact

Society demands that corporates demonstrate leadership in and commitment to social and environmental causes. In response, corporates have become more sophisticated in their CSR strategies. They have moved beyond ad-hoc and project-based activities, which tend to have a short-term impact. They now pursue long-term impact by engaging in inclusive, strategic, and collaborative activities.

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What is Corporate Social Impact?

Corporations are finding new ways to generate positive societal impact through their core business. Effective corporate social impact strategies make good business sense as they help to attract talent, catalyse innovations, and expand into new markets.

Members leading corporate social impact in Asia

Credit Suisse

Helping social enterprises thrive and find a common language with funders
Social investors are often working in silos, duplicating efforts, resulting in funding wastes. At the same time, social enterprises are seeking help but are unsure about how and where to find support.

AVPN partnered with Credit Suisse to create the SE Development Toolkit. Based on the VIRAL framework, the online tool helps SEs and funders have a common language to identify resources needed at each growth stage to become investment-ready. A growing number of funders and social enterprises are now using the toolkit to understand each other and channel relevant resources for scale.


Tackling India’s malnutrition problems through multisector effort
Nearly 70% of school-going children in India are undernourished and dispersed efforts by different players are not having the needed impact. Kellogg was struggling to find a way to achieve its mission and scale their funding.

AVPN helped Kellogg forge a multisector partnership to create the Bright Start Collaboration, launched in India, which provides schoolchildren with more breakfast, furthering their corporate mission that no child should go to school hungry. The pilot now feeds 2,000 children breakfast five days a week, with the aim to further scale up.

Prudence Foundation

Partnering for innovation in disaster technology
Asia Pacific is the region that is most prone to and affected by natural disasters worldwide. Since 2005, more than 500,000 lives have been lost and 1.4 billion people affected by natural disasters, resulting in US$900 billion in economic losses.

Building on the ongoing efforts of Prudence Foundation to promote disaster preparedness across Asia, AVPN teamed with the corporate foundation to run a global grant-based competition in disaster technology innovation. The contest seeks to crowdsource and raise the profile of innovative and viable technology solutions which can help to alleviate the impact of natural disasters.

The competition allowed finalists to explore funding and collaboration opportunities with grant makers, impact investors, industry experts, and intermediaries, and is now geared for a second run in 2021.

Hyundai Motor Group

Forging collaborations to enable a thriving social impact start-up culture
Hyundai and Instellar partnered on the Hyundai Start-up Challenge. This was a year-long project which saw the selection of ten start-ups in agriculture, environment, education, technology etc. These start-ups were chosen because they evidenced business viability and received capacity building support to develop their business models. The start-ups received an initial grant of IDR 100 million (USD 7,000) and the programme committee chose four top-performing teams to receive additional grants of IDR 1.2 billion (USD 85,000).

Hyundai and Instellar kicked off their partnership in 2019 after being introduced through another AVPN member, Crevisse, which had previously partnered with Hyundai to conduct similar programmes in South Korea prior.

DBS Pte Ltd.

Partnering to broaden outreach during crisis time
DBS China Ltd has been partnering NPI since 2012. Its first project was to initiate the first DBS Social Enterprise Forum in Shanghai. In the past eight years, DBS China Ltd has continued to partner NPI to grow the ecosystem and has witnessed NPI’s expansion, both into cities nationwide and in scope, from social incubation to the creation of an impact fund.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, DBS China Ltd immediately allocated RMB 5 million (USD 700,000) to help communities hard hit by Covid-19. Through the “DBS Stronger Together Fund”, the bank provided millions of meals and care packs to affected individuals to cushion the economic impact on vulnerable groups and empower those who lost jobs. Leveraging NPI’s nationwide community networks, over 50 nonprofit organisations were mobilised in 12 cities to participate in the initiative. NPI’s speed in coming up with a suitable CSR programme that aligned with both parties’ values was critical in ensuring rapid implementation.

Circulate Capital

Fighting ocean plastic by investing in circular economy and recycling SMEs in South and Southeast Asia
Circulate Capital established the world’s first venture capital fund dedicated to fighting Asia’s plastic pollution crisis. The US$106M Circulate Capital Ocean Fund is financing start-ups and SMEs in South and Southeast Asia that prevent plastic from leaking into the ocean and turn used plastic into a new, reusable resource for future materials, advancing the circular economy. It was created in partnership with leading global corporations including PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Dow, Danone, Chanel, Unilever, The Coca-Cola Company and Chevron Phillips Chemical and is backed by the US Development Finance Corporation (DFC).

Common needs

Corporates in Asia experience common needs in implementing effective social impact strategies

Aligning values and trust between corporates and social purpose organisations

Gaining an in-depth understanding of social issues and solutions

Designing strategic or collective impact towards a strong theory of change

Building internal capacities to support the development sector

Partnering with intermediaries can address these needs


How we approach Corporate Social Impact

While there is no one approach to developing a sustainability strategy, the ultimate goal of all corporates is to extend their core business values while maximising their social impact footprint.


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