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Building the ecosystem

AVPN is building the ecosystem for social investors with an active presence in Asia Pacific – from foundations and impact funds to corporations, intermediaries and beyond

With 6x the population of any other region, Asia is the perfect place to make an impact and change the world. That’s why 20% of our members are from outside Asia and many of our members work across all Asia as Regional and Supporting members. Find out more about them.

Meet our global members

Our members who work across Asia Pacific

Philanthropic Pooled Funds

Move financial capital towards impact

AI Opportunity Fund (Japanese)

By leveraging the success of the first round of the APAC Sustainability Seed Fund, AVPN continues to mobilise continuum of capital into supporting climate solutions in the region.

AI Opportunity Fund (Bahasa )

By leveraging the success of the first round of the APAC Sustainability Seed Fund, AVPN continues to mobilise continuum of capital into supporting climate solutions in the region.


Support deals in Global Markets

Support and scale high-impact solutions that have been endorsed by AVPN Global Markets members.

We train and finance teams in the Global South to do abatement activities and impact their local communities. For every 6 carbon credits produced, teams need to impact 5 local families.

Climate Action and Environment, Financial Inclusion, Gender, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

Cool Australia creates digital education resources supporting 210,000 educators. We exist so students grow up in a happy, healthy and just society.


To connect another 750 critical sites and vulnerable communities (such as schools and hospitals) over 3 years that do not have the resources on their own to get Internet access set up.

Education, Health

Handprint is Asia’s leading regeneration as a service platform, enabling any company to create a positive impact in the world in a credible, scientifically verified way.

Climate Action and Environment, Conservation, Financial Inclusion

ALIA will take the lead with industry-wide solutions to address cost competitiveness and sustainability. Beneficiaries are cleaner environment for society and continued business viability.

Climate Action and Environment, Energy, Governance

Mapsea Corp.’s job matching platform SEASON is a specialised marine recruitment platform, utilising technology to link marine jobs to the right talent. The returns generated will be directed towards building a marine forest.


Raspberri Pi Foundation is helping youths acquire computing and digital making skills via compelling learning resources, a thriving network of volunteer-led clubs, competitions/events and partnering with youth organisations.


Translates fiction works from Vietnamese and Indonesian into English to promote and preserve these literature to a wider audience.

Arts and Culture, Conservation, Education


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MEMBERS IN community

Building strategic social investment

Global Markets members are united in their common interest in working towards improved social outcomes in Asia Pacific.


Connect with members

Catherine Brown

CEO, Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation

Maree Sidey

CEO, Australian Communities Foundation

Elizabeth Gillies

CEO, The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation Limited

Duncan Macintosh

CEO & Executive Director, APNIC Foundation

Mark Ingram

Chief Impact Officer, Brightlight Investment Management

Adam Milgrom

Director, Tripple

Market focus

Building strategic social investment in climate, gender and indigenous issues

Global Markets members are committed to supporting the growth and development of sustainable, equitable social outcomes in Asia Pacific.


Let's create impact together

If you are an active social investor in Asia Pacific, contact Ruth to learn about how AVPN can support your organisation’s social investment in the region.

AVPN-Ruth Jones

Ruth Jones

Global Markets Director; Australia and New Zealand Representative at AVPN

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