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Building the ecosystem

AVPN is building the ecosystem for social investors with an active presence in Singapore - from foundations and impact funds to corporations, intermediaries and beyond.
Singapore has a very robust and vibrant social investment ecosystem. Singapore is the gateway to the rest of Asia with several international relationships flowing through the Southeast Asia Hub. Singapore is well positioned to lead social investment in the region.


Support deals in Singapore

Support and scale high-impact solutions that have been endorsed by AVPN members throughout Singapore.

Connecting Rural Schools & Hospitals

By Kacific Broadband Satellites Ltd

To connect another 750 critical sites and vulnerable communities (such as schools and hospitals) over 3 years that do not have the resources on their own to get Internet access set up.

Education, Health

OnMyGrad.space offers free career resources to students from diverse backgrounds, empowering them to prepare for their School-to-work transition with direct access to leading employers.

Education, Employability, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

MINDS Hub – An Integrated Social-Health Support for Persons with Disabilities in Singapore

By Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS)

Located in the heartlands of Singapore, MINDS Hubs are physical one-stop centres that provide social-health support as well as specialised programmes and services for persons with disabilities.

Ageing, Education, Health

Engineering Good (EG) is a Singapore-based non-profit organisation that champions inclusivity for disadvantaged communities using engineering and technology solutions.

Education, Employability, Gender, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

Handprint is Asia’s leading regeneration as a service platform, enabling any company to create a positive impact in the world in a credible, scientifically verified way.

Climate Action and Environment, Conservation, Financial Inclusion

Prospect Burma is working to provide International Master’s degrees to eight young people who will drive change in key areas fundamental for the development of an enabling environment for social investment in Myanmar.

Education, Employability, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

ALIA will take the lead with industry-wide solutions to address cost competitiveness and sustainability. Beneficiaries are cleaner environment for society and continued business viability.

Climate Action and Environment, Energy, Governance

Code in the Community (CITC) is Singapore’s largest free coding programme for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. We provide free, multi-level Scratch & Python classes for kids 8-16 years old.



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Building strategic social investment

Singapore’s excellent social investment ecosystem coupled with a stable and strong government lays a solid foundation for sustainable finance.


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Caroline Liew

Director, Wealth Management, Schroders

Yibin Chu

Head of Community Investing and Development, Asia Pacific, Citi

Cheryl Chen

Director, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, Asia Pacific, S&P Global

Alison Eskesen

Vice President, Asia Pacific, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

Cherine Fok

Director, KPMG

John Friedman

Director, AgFunder Asia Pte Ltd

Market focus

Building strategic social investment

Singapore’s social economy is transitioning to the growth stage, driven by collaborative philanthropy and creative approaches to social funding such as pooled CSR funds.


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