Vietnam has become a destination of choice for global manufacturing firms. The country's high net worth individual population grew by 148% between 207-2013, making it the fastest growing wealth market among the world's top 100 economies.

Outi Gruener
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Outi Gruener

Southeast Asia Director
Landscape Report

Social Investment Landscape in Vietnam

Vietnam is the only Southeast Asian country to legally recognise social enterprises. While institutional giving is still in its nascency, homegrown impact funds and capacity builders are driving the development of the country's social economy. Download the report to access Vietnam's social investment landscape.

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Vietnam Landscape Report

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As part of a series, this case study by Grow Asia is a tool to help new and prospective partners better understand how inclusive value chain partnerships are launched, evolve, and function.

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The Central Institute of Economic Management (CIEM) has partnered with the British Council in Vietnam with support from the Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP) in undertaking this study research on the theme: “Social Enterprises in Vietnam – concept, context and policy” aimed at two main objectives: promote awareness of social enterprises and establish the first ground for discussion of policy development for social enterprises in Vietnam.

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Diana Chiu By Diana Chiu

4 min read

Can you imagine moving from a tiny rural village in Vietnam to take a job in a big city? Can you imagine doing it without savings? Without wider family support? Now imagine taking your child with you. The whole point is to find work but who looks after the child? Just how does Vietnam address challenges prompted by urban migration? Its need to find workers for factories? Specifically, how does Vietnam continue to grow AND look after its children?

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Outi Gruener By Outi Gruener

Investors generally operate within market infrastructures that do not prioritise social, environmental and economic considerations. We are, therefore, required to ask: how can more capital be mobilized towards impact?

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July 10, 2019

Can venture philanthropy turn on Southeast Asia to clean energy?

Venture philanthropy is relatively rare in Asia, where charitable donations are the norm for tackling social and environmental problems. But more strategic funding can help Southeast Asia rapidly transition to clean energy, says one of the world’s most powerful venture philanthropists, Eileen Rockefeller Growald. Windmills for renewable energy production in Mekong Delta, south of Vietnam. Image: Vision […]