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AVPN is building the ecosystem for social investors with an active presence in the Philippines - from foundations and impact funds to corporations, intermediaries and beyond.
With GDP growth rates hovering around 6.9%-7%, the Philippines is one of the top performers in Asia. While the pandemic has slowed growth, the country is positioned for a solid recovery. Strong civil society sector and the presence of many international social investors are catalysts for the country to achieve recovery and sustainable development.


Support Deals in The Philippines

Support and scale high-impact solutions that have been endorsed by AVPN members throughout the Philippines.

ASSIST Asia: Developing Green Skills in TVET Graduates

By Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST)

ASSIST Asia is working to provide supplemental learning for Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Students and equip them with green skills through a hybrid learning approach, ensuring future sustainable industrial practices in the Philippines.

Climate Action and Environment, Education, Employability

The Renewable Energy Initiative seeks to support renewable energy actors in Asia in adopting policies and practices that make the production and deployment of renewable technologies ecologically safe, rights-respecting and regenerative.

Climate Action and Environment, Energy, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

ASSIST Asia: Equipping Disaster Preparedness for Children in the Philippines

By Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST)

ASSIST is working on Master of Disaster Plus (MOD+), an informative, inclusive and fun-filled board game that aims to train children aged between 8-16 in the Philippines on disaster preparedness and active response to most common disasters.

Climate Action and Environment, Education

Street Business School (SBS) plans to certify 8-10 organisations serving people in extreme poverty in South East Asia to provide SBS entrepreneurship training to up to 3,600 women in their communities.

Education, Gender, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

ASSIST Asia: HERO-SEA Project for Healthcare Workers in Southeast Asia

By Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST)

The HERO-SEA project seeks to address the well-being of the healthcare workers (HCWs) in Southeast Asia who are at the forefront of fighting global pandemics and other health crises through mental health and resiliency skills development.

Education, Employability, Health

Circular Cities Asia is working on a lean innovation programme for young innovators in higher education in Asia. They will learn about the circular economy and innovation and develop entrepreneurial solutions to environmental waste issues.

Climate Action and Environment, Education, Employability

Orbis International trains, mentors, and inspires eye care professionals around the world. We are currently partnering with governments and hospitals in Vietnam to provide eye care to the most needy.

Education, Health

Mapsea Corp.’s job matching platform SEASON is a specialised marine recruitment platform, utilising technology to link marine jobs to the right talent. The returns generated will be directed towards building a marine forest.



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Social Investors in Asia embark on a new era to revive global and national economies through collaboration

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Social Investors in Asia embark on a new era to revive global and national economies through collaboration

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Building strategic social investment

The Philippines has one of the most vibrant social investment markets in Southeast Asia with many impact organizations operating at scale.


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Ruel Maranan

President, Ayala Foundation, Inc.

Gisela Tiongson

Executive Director, Jollibee Group Foundation

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Director, xchange

Esther Santos

President, PLDT-Smart Foundation, Inc.

Mercedes Vargas

Pres/ exec. Director, Lopez Group Foundation, Inc.

Maria Socorro Bautista

Executive Director, Consuelo Chito Madrigal Foundation, Inc

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Building strategic social investment

The Philippines’ social economy is transitioning to the growth stage, driven by collaborative philanthropy and creative approaches to social funding such as pooled CSR funds.


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