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AVPN is building the ecosystem for social investors with an active presence in South Asia - from foundations and impact funds to corporations, intermediaries and beyond.
A region driven by religious values, South Asia is fast becoming a hub for responsible investment. Its drive for innovation continues to underpin its emerging social investment market.


Support deals in South Asia

Support and scale high-impact solutions that have been endorsed by AVPN members throughout South Asia.

We are working on environment & climate change, clean energy, water, and sustainable agriculture practices. We have empowered & impacted 10,000,000 people and reached out to more than 5000 villages.

Agriculture, Climate Action and Environment, Energy

ALIA will take the lead with industry-wide solutions to address cost competitiveness and sustainability. Beneficiaries are cleaner environment for society and continued business viability.

Climate Action and Environment, Energy, Governance

This project is a FOAKE (first-of-a-kind engineering) DEMO plant in urban city for the food waste recycling with sustainable organic vertical farming showcase with zero-waste and circular economy.

Agriculture, Climate Action and Environment, Energy

Digital Inclusion for Young Aspirants in India

By Anudip Foundation for Social Welfare

Anudip works to train women and place them into suitable jobs. Anudip proposes to digitally skill 10,000 marginalized women in the FY 2023-2025, and provide employability to at least 70% of them.

Employability, Financial Inclusion, Gender, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

Climate-moderated grow house with an area of 2000 sq ft, set near milk pooling center, with vertical farming units powered by solar to produce two times more fodder per year than an acre using 99% less water, zero grid energy, and less than 5% land.

Agriculture, Climate Action and Environment, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

Ricult enables stakeholders in agricultural industry to have complete control over farm activities, gain deep insights into all processes, optimize costs, and improve yields with powerful analytics.

Financial Inclusion, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

The project aims to conserve natural resources using science and applying it to field work with participation from local communities and beneficiaries like small and marginal farmers, women and youth.

Agriculture, Climate Action and Environment, Employability, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation, Water and Sanitation and Hygiene

SSDC works in Sundarbans – one of the most isolated, ecologically sensitive, backward tribal belts to address anaemia and malnutrition in children, young girls and women.

Gender, Health, Nutrition


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Case Studies

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Lok Capital’s active portfolio management approach

Axis Bank Foundation – Third party Midterm impact assessment

Agriculture, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

Caspian Impact Investment Adviser – IA in Financial Services, Agribusiness & Food and Affordable Housing in India

Agriculture, Education, Health, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation, Water and Sanitation and Hygiene

Swades Foundation: Executing irreversible change at scale

Lok’s customized approach using external parties and internal observations

Deshpande Foundation seeding local social innovation from entrepreneur to entrepreneur



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Agriculture, Climate Action and Environment, Energy, Health

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Preparing for the Next Health Crisis

Don’t Forget “Impact” in Impact Investing – The Case of India


Role of Private Sector in Supporting Access to Primary Healthcare: Case Study of Meghalaya

Education, Health, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation, Nutrition

To Build a Better World, Invest in Children

Bharat EdTech Initiative to Improve Learning Outcomes Through Home-Based Learning



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Philanthropy moving beyond writing cheques to more direct involvement

New generation of philanthropists more hands-on and don’t just write cheques: President Halimah

Lenovo, Micron Foundation, AVPN and more partner to advance gender inclusion through a US$1 million STEM fund

Meet the ‘solutionists’: Asia’s new generation of social problem-solvers

Social Investors in Asia embark on a new era to revive global and national economies through collaboration

Social Investors in Asia embark on a new era to revive global and national economies through collaboration


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Building strategic social investment

The impact eco-system in South Asia is rapidly evolving with diverse collaborations and instruments like pooled funds, blended finance models,and unrestricted funding becoming the new normal.


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RBL Bank

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ATE Chandra Foundation

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Pratima Harite

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Manjula Singh


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Building strategic social investment

South Asia’s social economy is transitioning to the growth stage, driven by collaborative philanthropy and creative approaches to social funding such as pooled CSR funds.


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