One of the fastest growing economies in the world, Myanmar is set on achieving inclusive economic development, aided by a strong giving culture. Myanmar has topped the CAF World Giving rankings over the last 3 years.

Landscape Report

Social Investment Landscape in Myanmar

After decades of dictatorship, building on the strong Buddhist culture and on elaborate post cyclone Nargis reconstruction efforts in 2008, there is a now a dynamic NGO as well as social enterprise sector in Myanmar. The strong presence of multilateral organisations and the recent proliferation of capacity builders could give the country’s social economy a vital boast. Download the report to access Myanmar’s social investment landscape

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Myanmar Landscape Report

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This report describes 33 innovative financing and delivery programs selected based on their relevance to broader health systems and potential to achieve positive impact for poor people.

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This report analyzes the experiences of India, Kenya, Mexico, and Myanmar in implementing the Guidelines for Effective Philanthropic Engagement, to bring foundations and governments closer together on a theme of common interest.

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Annoek van den Wijngaart By Annoek van den Wijngaart

6 min read

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the food nutrition security situation in Asia? The global pandemic of COVID-19 is affecting people all over the world. Beyond its impact on the health sector, the disease has had major implications on social, economic and psychological aspects of life. It has disrupted education, work, and food systems and shattered the livelihoods for millions of people globally. 

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Lin Lu By Lin Lu

3 min read

Handwashing with soap is priority in fighting this pandemic – and the next one. It is even more effective than hand sanitizer. Even before COVID19, handwashing with soap has saved lives. Over 500,000 child deaths each year are due to diarrhoea and acute respiratory infections. Handwashing with soap cuts that number by half.

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July 9, 2019

Energy, curiosity and urgent questions on the AVPN agenda

The 2019 AVPN conference in Singapore put its cards firmly on the table from the start. The focus would be on big themes: education, gender equality, hunger and malnutrition, and climate change – most of all on climate change. From the first session, speaker after speaker reminded us that we only have 15 years in which to […]

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“Through AVPN, Nay Oo received support from Rockstart Impact whose programmes provide entrepreneurs with training, mentoring and, most importantly for Nay Oo, contacts with impact investors – that is, those who want to promote philanthropic causes while they make money.”

Nay Oo

Founder Myanmar Natural Fresh Farm

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