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Supporting the private wealth community to maximise their impact

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Be part of a high impact community

So many of our goals cannot be attained on our own, but how do we measure our impact as part of an overall system? It’s an ongoing journey.
Australia-Based Family Foundation
The impact metrics are being reported to us, but we need help to make sense of them.
Singapore-Based Family Office


Impact as a core pillar of private wealth strategy

As a neutral platform, AVPN understands the needs of private wealth when it comes to maximising their philanthropic and social impact and how this can be embedded in a family’s wealth management strategy. The Private Wealth Hub provides an exclusive space for bespoke learning journeys, opportunities to move capital towards impact, and curated convenings to build a private wealth impact community.


of family offices in Asia Pacific engage in sustanable investments in 2020

- Singapore Economic Development Board

What we do

What we want to achieve

Empower asset owners to advocate for and implement impact strategies within their family office

Equip asset owners and asset managers with the resources to make informed financial and impact related decisions

Provide a deal flow of opportunities across the continuum of capital


AVPN offerings for the private wealth ecosystem


The Private Wealth Hub builds a community of peers that is collectively inspired to engage in impact across their portfolio. The Private Wealth Hub will support principals to:

  • Create a space for knowledge sharing with peers
  • Build meaningful relationships 
  • Explore opportunities for responsible leadership
  • Develop a philosophy of impact
  • Invest in systems-change

Asset Managers

The Private Wealth Hub is a dynamic platform for knowledge-sharing and capital mobilisation amongst a practitioner community. The Private Wealth Hub will support asset managers to:

  • Leverage real insights from industry leaders across sectors and geographies
  • Access frameworks and tools to integrate impact across the portfolio
  • Identify opportunities of investment and collaboration

Conversations in the community

Building impact across generations

Innovation and leadership are key values that continue to guide this community. Hear from Veronica Colondam and Adellene Tanuri as they explore the role of the next generation in addressing complex societal challenges in Asia.


Role of Next Generation in Philanthropy


Upcoming learning opportunities


12 December 2023

AVPN South Asia Summit December 2023

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08 December 2023

RewirEd Summit at COP28

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24 November 2023

AVPN Monthly Member Meet-ups in Bangkok

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Move financial capital towards impact

The first-of-their-kind in Asia, our Philanthropic Funds provide unrestricted grants and apply impact measurement techniques - driving deep transformation that matures the ecosystem in Asia. Pool your funds with other capital providers or get help deploying your capital in Asia through an individual fund. Investigate our cause-specific evergreen funds that you can contribute to at any time.

APAC Sustainability Seed Fund 2.0

Asian Youth Mental Wellbeing Fund

Asia Gender Equality Fund

Explore a pipeline

Explore the impact organisation, impact project, and impact deal landscape. Discover opportunities to scale your collaboration with capital providers and impact organisations. Unite around a shared purpose.

Landcent (China): Fighting Malaria and Infectious Diseases

SNEHA: Prevention of Violence Against Women in India

Makmur Biogas-to-Energy Projects

Gain valuable insights from the investor perspective

Explore the work of impact funds who are deploying much needed capital in the region.


Leveraging Singapore’s Resources and Ecosystem to Grow Your Philanthropy in Asia


AVPN x Circulate Capital: Catalyzing Capital to Advance the Circular Economy and Fight Climate Change in Asia


AVPN Webinar: Financial Inclusion for Southeast Asia’s Underserved

Research & Insights

Resources to help asset owners and asset managers maximise their philanthropic and investment capital


Catch our list of latest resources on philanthropy in Asia-Pacific

Affordable Housing, Ageing, Agriculture, Arts and Culture, Climate Action and Environment, Conservation, Education, Employability, Energy, Financial Inclusion, Gender, Governance, Health, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation, Nutrition, Water and Sanitation and Hygiene

Philanthropy Handbook: Giving Effectively from Singapore to Asia-Pacific

Climate Action and Environment

As Temperatures Soar, Philanthropy Can Power up South Asia’s Cooling Innovators


Why Philanthropists, NGOs and CSR Must Collaborate With the Government to Augment Vaccination Coverage in India?

Financial Inclusion

Navigating Philanthropy for the Next Generation

Affordable Housing, Employability, Health, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation, Nutrition

Pooled Funds as a Tool for Achieving Collaborative Philanthropy Goals

Agriculture, Climate Action and Environment

Which Climate Pollutants are Responsible for 45% of Global Warming? How Asian Philanthropists can address them


Impact investing

Keep up to date with the latest impact investing trends in Asia-Pacific.

AVPN Academy



Check out the latest sustainability conversations focused on ESG issues in public markets

Climate Action and Environment

Building ESG and Climate Resilience in the Financial Industry

Climate Action and Environment

Navigating the ESG landscape: A User’s Manual

Sustainability: Building Relevance

Climate Action and Environment

Investing in a Better Future in Asia: Through the Lens of ESG Funds

Climate Action and Environment

Investing in a Better Future in Asia: Through the Lens of ESG Funds

Climate Action and Environment

From Plausible to Possible: How Strategic Partnerships Can Accelerate ESG in Asia



Upcoming learning opportunities.

The Power of Innovative Finance to Create a Resilient Society

Accredited Social Return on Investment (SROI) Training

Taiwan Impact Investing Forum 2023: Mastering Impact Opportunities and Conquering the 2nd Half of SDGs

AVPN Global Conference 2024

2023 State of Blended Finance Virtual Launch – Climate Edition

Education for Philanthropy Professionals



Let's create impact together

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Komal Sahu

Chief of Sustainable Finance