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Connecting unusual allies in climate action

The overall vision of Climate Action Platform is to ‘unlock capital’ in a more targeted and effective manner into climate solutions. We create an effective way for AVPN members to share best practices and thought leadership through sharing experiences, insights and solutions. We connect diverse and unusual allies in climate action to cross pollinate ideas and move more capital towards maximum impact.


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India relief efforts

Channel resources to effective teams on the ground who are on the frontline

Catalyse scalable solutions

Partner with AVPN members to commit resources

Support solutions on the ground

Make sense of global pandemic efforts by curating member and SPO initiatives

India relief efforts

AVPN is providing different pathways for social investors across the network to mobilise capital towards impact. Through our partners, USAID and NISHTHA/Jhpiego, we have identified critical needs across the Indian states that require immediate support.USAID’s flagship health systems strengthening project, NISHTHA, implemented by Jhpiego aims to transform, redesign and re-engineer primary healthcare (PHC) in India for the provision of equitable, comprehensive and client-centered primary healthcare that contributes to improved health outcomes for India’s marginalized and vulnerable populations, including women and girls. A well-resourced and well-equipped PHC will be better able to manage COVID-19 and future public health threats. To know more about NISHTHA’s COVID-19 response, click here.

Catalyse scalable solutions

Identify opportunities where you can contribute resources to meet urgent needs across Asia. Don't fund the obvious; fund the real need. Read more.

Support solutions on the ground

Know where and how member and SPO initiatives are aiding global pandemic efforts.


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