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AVPN 10th Anniversary


AVPN 10th Anniversary


The Asian Decade Vision

This year, AVPN is celebrating 10 years of ecosystem building effort that has led it to become the world’s largest Asian social investment network. As we reflect on Asia’s social investment trajectory, we invite you, our members, to establish your impact footprint on this past journey whilst mapping out how you can continue to be part of this global conversation in the decade ahead. If you engage with us over the next year, we take your voice out to the world.

We believe that every Asian leader should have access to the resources, knowledge, and communities that help them connect capital to impact in Asia.

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Working with our members

We in a cycle of following and leading with our members. Sometimes we encourage them to collaboration bold projects (as with our Constellations Awards) and sometimes we draw inspiration from their work and share it across the network (as through our events). We work together - but AVPN could be better, we could improve.

This year, in honour of our 10th Anniversary on 5 December 2021, we have created an ambitious vision for AVPN's work with our members. We want to work with our members to create a 10-year vision for social investment in Asia that is by Asia for Asia. We want evaluate our role in that vision and catalyse ecosystem growth for the next decade. We want to build a strong and resilient organisation that can deliver programmes alongside members and lift up the ecosystem in Asia together.

The Vision

We want to work with our members to set a vision for social investment in Asia for the next decade. Asia is 6x the population of any other region. We want to work with you, our members and partners, to build a collective vision by Asia for Asia.

The Roadmap

The vision will align the social investor community, but we also need a clear path to get there. For this reason we will evaluate our impact in the last 10 years, keep what worked and what didn’t, and formulate an improved role for ourselves for the next decade so that we can increase impact.

The Work

Once we have evolved our Theory of Change in relation to who we need to be to build the ecosystem in the next 10 years, we will reinforce the foundational capabilities and organisational resilience within AVPN to deliver on our role in the vision Asia’s social investors have for Asia.


How can you get involved?

We have a number of activities we are working on this year to prepare for the next decade of social investment. We need your help, we can't do this without our members and partners. We need you to share with us what you think will be important in the next decade and what we need to solve to get there. We are consulting with members to develop the work we are doing inclusively. Let us know if you want to be part of the consultation process on any one thing, or simply submit your thoughts through our Voice of the Members platform and we will gather insights from there.


Major thanks to all of our partners

Credit Suisse
The Rockefeller Foundation


What do our members think about AVPN?

To collaborate with key players, share knowledge, and accelerate change around the region’s biggest social challenges.
Cecilia Conrad

Managing Director, MacArthur Foundation | CEO, Lever for Change

AVPN’s global network can promote collective action by connecting investors with businesses and projects.
Dr. Amy Khor

Singapore Senior Minister at Environment and Water Resources

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