Asia Policy Forum 2017


Asia Policy Forum Bangkok 2017

5 June 2017

The Asia Policy Forum 2017 “Collaborative Policies to Enhance the Social Economy” brought together 89 policymakers and practitioners from 21 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. It was comprised of presentations and workshops/breakouts from policy makers and sector experts on case studies of multi-sector collaboration on social economy policies.  Delegates also discussed the aspirations they have for the region’s social economy.

APF2017 is an annual programme within the AVPN Annual Conference, convening policymakers, advisors and other institutions interested in the impact of policy on the social economy. APF2017 aims to:

– Bring awareness to Asian policy makers about the social economy trends and programmes in the region.

– Showcase examples of policy and related innovations that illustrate cross-sector collaboration between the government and private funding on social investments and impact businesses to create greater impact.

APF2017 is the annual convening activity among the year-long AVPN Asia Policy Forum, which is AVPN’s platform to engage policymakers as a critical stakeholder in the social investment ecosystem. Visit here to find out more about Asia Policy Forum 2017.


Asia Policy Forum 2017: Collaborative Policies to Enhance the Social Economy 

This Report is a summary and analysis of the APF2017.

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APF 2017 Report