Amanda Kee

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About Amanda Kee
  • Content Marketing Assistant Manager, AVPN

Amanda is the Associate Manager Content Creator at AVPN. She is responsible for developing insightful and creative content assets so that the network has easier access to valuable and credible editorial. An advocate for effective storytelling, Amanda works with members and the AVPN team to curate a wealth of information so that the social investing community can make more informed decisions around their impact strategies.

Prior to this role, Amanda managed AVPN's digital and print marketing assets, from social media and newsletters engagement to event branding and PR coordination.

Amanda is an English Literature graduate at the National University of Singapore and University Scholars' Programme. She is also the author of local children's book: The Runaway Who Became President, published in 2016. Valuing creativity and tenacity, Amanda spends her spare time honing her pottery throwing techniques.