AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023

Bobby Hartanto
Human Capital and Ethics Committee


YCAB Foundation


Bobby?s passion in developing human resources can be seen in his 30 years record of achievement. He demonstrated success leading, managing and delivering training for professionals and youths in Japan, Abu Dhabi, Austria, Indonesia, Pakistan, as well as the Philippines and the United States. Stanford University, Harvard Business School and Claremont College in USA are three of the many places he visited to top his professional development. He believes in people and their potential. He strives to have positive impact on people, who will then ripples the effect on others. His main value in human resource development is by contributing to people so that they can develop their potential and performance as well as their careers, and thereby change businesses and even nations. Bobby acquired M.A., Psychology from University of Indonesia and his interest is in intercultural studies, training and clinical psychology. He also had an extensive knowledge of psychology with publications appearing in various Indonesian print media. He served in Advisory Department and Board of Human Capital and Ethics of YCAB Foundation before his tenure as the Chief of Board Advisor. In the present day, he works closely with FLIP which he founded in 2012 as the fruit of his passion in human resource development and management.