David Sheu

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About David Sheu
  • Chairman & Founder, Spirox Education Foundation

Chairman & CEO of Spirox Corporation since 2002. He is one of three founders of Spirox and was formerly the President of Spirox starting in 1996. Spirox, a Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) listed company, provides integrated best practice solutions for the global high tech industry with focus on semiconductor and FPD. Mr. Sheu is also the Chairman of Spirox Corporation, USA and Spirox (Shanghai) Corporation. He also serves as Managing Director of Spirox Singapore and Board Director of Hibon Technology Corporation.

Mr. Sheu received his Physics of Science degree from National Chang Hua University of Education. His foresight of Taiwan’s rapid growth in the semiconductor industry supply chain prompted Mr. Sheu’s establishment of Spirox in 1987 during Taiwan’s early stages of development. . Under Mr. Sheu’s management, Spirox has expanded into a 300-employee global enterprise, partnering with over 40 international companies and distributing around 100 product lines with a customer base of more than 600 leading companies in the semiconductor & TFT-LCD industries. In recent years, Spirox has also dedicated to develop green energy innovation and applications including solar, HCPV systems and wind turbines to provide clean and affordable solutions for a “Green” future !

“For two decades, Spirox has been driven by a passion to deliver the semiconductor and FPD industry’s smartest integrated solutions. Now more than ever, we are determined to deploy the industry’s leading products and solutions, creating greater competitive advantage for our customers and partners. Put simply, Spirox knows there exists a more efficient and more cost effective way to solve every problem, and we will not stop until we find it. This is clearly represented by our company motto, “Seeking Smarter Solutions.” Because of this devotion to the “Win-Win-Win Partnership” commitment, Spirox has frequently been recognized on numerous occasions with “Best Supplier” and “Best Partner” awards by its vendor-partners and customers.

Driven by the same spirited enthusiasm long applied by Spirox to the advancement of the local semiconductor industry, Mr. Sheu founded the Spirox Education Foundation in January 2005. As Chairman of the Board, Mr. Sheu leads the Foundation to actively participate in and provide support for a plethora of local charities and educational activities, playing a role in the development of talent outside our industry while supporting the many individuals and associations who share the same passion for the betterment of our society.

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