Gabriel Eickhoff

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About Gabriel Eickhoff
  • Founder and CEO, Lestari Capital

Gabriel Eickhoff, Co-Founder and CEO, has been leading work in the climate and forestry sector in Southeast Asia since 2005. He specializes in creating market-driven solutions to conservation, ecosystem restoration and community forestry initiatives. He and his partners have overseen the growth of the SCCM from inception until today. Gabriel has worked on and designed some of the first ever climate finance forestry project initiatives in Asia. He has served on numerous technical working groups and committees including the High Carbon Stock Approach (HCSA), VCS Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ Initiative from which he lends his experience in working on projects in over a dozen countries across Southeast Asia, Central Africa and South America. He has advised the National and Subnational REDD+ programs in Indonesia, Vietnam, Ecuador, Laos and Cambodia, and Laos where he also served as a member of the National Delegation to the UNFCCC. Gabriel holds a BS in Biology from the University of Michigan and an Masters in Economic Policy from the University of Chicago.