Hari Balasubramanian

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About Hari Balasubramanian
  • Managing Partner at EcoAdvisors & Co-founder, EcoInvestors Capital

Hari is a senior environment professional who has been fortunate to have learned from and assisted over 300 projects in 60+ countries and while influencing >U$2.8B in sustainability-oriented financing – helping protect threatened species, forests, oceans and the people who depend upon them throughout the world.

Hari advises governments, foundations, corporations and individuals on values alignment and sustainable economic development at scale. He is driven by impact and the goals are clear: a vibrant and diverse planet on land and in the ocean, a stable climate, healthy and breathable air, abundant and diverse wildlife, prosperous communities and flowing, clean fresh water; not as a cost to society, but as an opportunity and previously under-recognized business value. He leads two ventures: the consulting firm EcoAdvisors and the investment firm EcoInvestors Capital both with a specific focus on demonstrating the business and societal value of sustainability and thereby growing the amount of capital flowing toward environmental impact.