Irina Francken

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About Irina Francken
  • Trustee, PACE Universal

In addition to fiduciary services for the last 6 years Irina has developed her expertise in philanthropy; she provides consultancy and management services to individuals, corporate and non-profit organizations in order to create effective philanthropical projects.

Irina is a founder and partner of Asia Philanthropy Partners Pte Ltd, Singapore Company and a member of the steering committee of Philanthropy Advisors Group at the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (STEP, London). She is a member of Board of Directors at the Chamber Music of Singapore and Ding Yi Music Company. She is involved as a trustee with Pace Universal (USA and India). She plays an active role as an advisor with The Blue Sky Charitable foundation (Dhaka, Bangladesh) and involved in many charitable and philanthropical projects in Singapore.