Outi Gruener

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About Outi Gruener
  • Southeast Asia Director, AVPN

Outi is the Southeast Asia Director leading AVPN activities in developing the social investment ecosystem in this strategic region where over 35% of AVPN members are based and many more active in.

Specialized in working with multi-stakeholder approach, across different sectors, Outi advocates for sustainable social impact through collaborative action.With her background on corporate sustainability, non-profit development work and Public-Private Partnerships, she focuses on promoting partnerships and innovative collaboration as the key enablers of a sustainable future.

Besides her native Finland, Outi has lived and worked in Germany, USA, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam before settling down in Singapore in 2015. She has worked in embassies and international NGOs as well as media and communication agencies, spearheading programs in strategic multi stakeholder partnerships, business development, sustainability projects, global event coordination and in communications. She gained her Bachelor and Master's Degrees in Social Sciences from the University of Turku, Finland, completing half of the studies in the University of Leipzig, Germany.

Sustainability and social impact are her passions beyond career choices; Outi is an avid scuba diver who freelances as a Dive Master, advocating for ocean and climate protection, reduction of plastic waste and for the development of sustainable consumer choices.