AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023

Prae Sunantaraks
Director, Thailand and Laos




Prae is AVPN's Director for Thailand. She works on the development of the social investment ecosystem in the Mekong region with a focus on Thailand and Laos. Her role focuses on maximizing potential benefits for new and existing AVPN members as well as developing and growing the AVPN membership network in the Mekong region. Prae provides strategic advice to members following AVPN's Connect, Learn, Lead philosophy. She values enthusiasm, conscientiousness, and is a result-driven individual. Prae sees AVPN as pivotal in supporting member engagement in the Mekong countries, keeping members with overlapping interests in communication, and fostering partnerships and alliances that help move capital into the SPO sector for real social impact. Prae has 18 years of experience in corporate communication, HRBP consulting, CSR and partnership development. As a passionate believer in the power of effective communication, Prae has spent much of her career championing causes and social movements such as education empowerment, social equity, health promotion and environmental preservation in ASEAN countries. Before joining AVPN, Prae held such positions as General Manager at Central Retail Corporation, Director of CSR & Community Relations at Laguna Resorts & Hotels PLC, Senior Consultant at Kenan Institute Asia, Corporate Citizenship Manager at Coca-Cola Thailand, and PR Consultant at Hill & Knowlton Strategies. Prae received her Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts and Master's Degree in Public Relations specializing in Communication for Social Development from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. She is a certified CSR practitioner from the Center of Corporate Citizenship, Boston College, and a certified MBTI® practitioner. Prae was born visually impaired with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), although limited in sight, she has a vision that disabilities should not stop people from doing good and living lives full of especially creative insights. Her interests include a love of vegan foods, creating (when time permits) and listening to podcasts, and playing traditional Thai musical instruments with some modern flourishes. She regards voluntarism as a sign of social conscience, and spent nine years volunteering weekly at the Bangkok school for the blind, and now supports the modern Job Guarantee policy as a proper way to socially recognize such public purpose work. Prae is now volunteering regularly at the Elephants World Foundation, a shelter for sick and retired elephants in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.