Rathish Balakrishnan

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About Rathish Balakrishnan
  • Co Founder and Managing partner, Sattva Media and Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

As Managing Partner, Rathish has led the setup and establishment of several advisory practice areas and consulting businesses at Sattva. Rathish leads the Advisory practice in South Asia which engages closely with corporations, non-profit organizations, social enterprises and larger ecosystem in designing, implementing and scaling innovative businesses on the ground. Rathish has worked extensively with business, government and civil society stakeholders as part of organization transformation processes where he leads work in strategy, design and implementation support with non-profits such as CRY, Kaivalya Education Foundation and Childline India foundation.

Rathish speaks and curates discussions at leading conferences; he has published a Chapter in the Bloomsbury Book, ‘Cutting the Gordian Knot’ on scaling social impact enterprises.