Riad Rouf

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About Riad Rouf
  • Chief Executive Officer, JITA Social Business Bangladesh Ltd.

Riad Rouf is a seasoned marketing and management executive driving brand innovation and revenue growth for startups and established companies alike. He combines consumer-driven and quality-focused mindset that leads, inspires, and aligns cross-functional resources. Riad is skilled at generating renewed energy and visionary direction to drive achievement of new business wins. He brings a unique balance between infectious creative sensibility and business-oriented practicality, which builds long-standing, collaborative relationships throughout an organization.

He recently relocated to Dhaka from the US and has taken up the challenge to lead JITA. Riad's 20+ years of experience in marketing, operations and services is across industries such as pharmaceutical, electronics/ mobile, manufacturing, not for profit and services. He has been successful in various industries primarily due to the combination of his analytical powers and creative thinking.

Riad brings a unique depth and diversity of talent from brand and product development, positioning, acquisitions, managing large cross-border operations, agency/ vendor management, collateral management, process improvement, budgets to staff training and mentorship and most critically revenue growth and stakeholder engagement.