Serene Tay

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About Serene Tay
  • Capacity Building, raiSE Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise

Serene embarked her early career in strategy consulting and specialised in Strategy & Organisation Transformation. She worked with family businesses and conglomerates in the region to enhance their business performance, market networks and organisational capacity.

She partnered clients across sectors ranging from FMCG, healthcare, pharmaceutical, ICT, engineering, tourism, manufacturing and services. Her experiences include Strategic Planning & Implementation, Regionalisation, Strategic Marketing, New Product Development and Capacity Development.

After a 10-year stint in consulting, Serene took the leap to join the Social Enterprise Association in 2012 as she believes that her passion and experience in serving the bottom-of-the-pyramids could be well applied to guiding social entrepreneurs to do well in businesses and do good to the community in a sustainable and impactful manner. Her attention turned to building the capacity of the social enterprises especially the pre start-ups and start-up social enterprises to be financially viable with clear and measurable social objectives. Some of her focused areas includes business advisory, peer-to-peer exchanges, youth development and partnerships with stakeholders and working with corporations on their corporate social responsibility programmes in programme delivery.

Moving to Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE, Serene continues to play an active role in cultivating and building stronger social enterprises at different growth stage through capacity building initiatives such as the Accelerator Programme and Human Capital Development.

On the community front, Serene has worked alongside with vulnerable women, children and youths focusing on learning and skill development.