Sunkyung Han

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About Sunkyung Han
  • South Korea Representative, AVPN

Sunkyung HAN is a co-founder of C.(Cdot) which is the organization to promote social innovation through connecting people and knowledge. Based on convictions that the connectivity can intensify the flow of social innovation across the world, it provides training program for field activists and consulting services for social innovation organizations and social business groups that want to set up the strategy for international exchange and replicate themselves in Asia regions.

She has been working as a network catalyst and connector with the belief that building a friendship beyond borders and collaborating together can bring about social change.

Before founding the C.,she coordinated research projects related to community issues and urban regeneration as well as social innovation in general while she worked in the Hope Institute. She was also in charge of international projects, creating a platform for Asian Social Innovators, ANIS(Asia NGO Innovation Summit, 2010-2012) and organizing several international conferences in terms of social innovation.

She also is working as a member of inaugural committee 'GSEA(Global Social Economy Association) and a Asia Region Coordinator. In addition, she also helps organizations and local governments as an adviser in terms of introducing and bringing global initiatives in and outside Korea.