Thanyaporn Jarukittikun

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About Thanyaporn Jarukittikun
  • Social Innovation Manager, UNDP Thailand

Thanyaporn “Mint” Jarukittikun is the founder of the organization EDGE, which focuses on not only thinking outside the box but alsoof pushing brands to their boundaries. With a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design from Chulalongkorn University and a Master’s in Innovation Management from Central Saint Martins, anyaporn has foundher calling in EDGE, for which she travels around the country starting workshops and projects, and conducting research. She is a major force in the food innovation eld, especially among her chef contemporaries, inspiring them to explore ailand, most notably Isan, to discover the nation’s food treasures. Her fascination with Isan led her to curate a show with four contemporary artists in Udonthani. She currently works on various projects centered around a humanist, holistic approach, working as a social facilitator. Mint recently accepted a new position as Social Innovation Facility Manager at UNDP.