Willem Grimminck

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About Willem Grimminck
  • Founder, One to Watch

Willem is the founder of One to Watch, one of Nepal's first Fund Managers. He started One to Watch with a vision - to build successful companies in Nepal, together with Nepali entrepreneurs and impact investors from around the world. Inspired by the wealth of business opportunities in Nepal, Willem has not only been using his own knowledge and expertise to build successful companies, he also actively engages to attract industry knowledge and expertise from other places. Willem understands the potential that lies behind the challenging exterior of the Nepali economy, making him and One to Watch a pioneer in this industry here in Nepal. One to Watch works with small and medium sized companies focusing on basic needs - food, infrastructure and healthcare, companies that create impact as well as profits. Till date One to Watch has invested in 15 SMEs in Nepal, in the missing middle, investing over 3 million Euros. Its signature business acceleration program - Rockstart Impact, has received more than 600 applications and has successfully accelerated 40+ companies.