Big Data at AVPN: Mapping the Social Investment Universe in Asia Using Member Data


January 8, 2015

The Asian social investment scene has attracted a lot of interest globally and regionally, and an ongoing challenge is helping funders identify suitable investees, and vice versa. Currently, there is little transparency on the depth and breadth of the social investors in the Asia ecosystem. In order to glean some insight into the available sources of funding and help to facilitate the social investing process in Asia, AVPN is using data provided by our members to map out the social investors in the region. We used two variables: the stage of development each investor is willing to support and the average amount of each investment, to differentiate the investor universe. This social investment map is a first cut at creating a snapshot of social investors in the region and is in no way static – we are open to feedback / corrections. If your information needs updating or you would like to be included in the mapping, please contact

Please click and expand on the graphic to view the data.

AVPN s MAP OF MONEY V3-page-001

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