portfolio-management-circleMost VPOs fund more than one SPO and all of the SPOs they fund make up the VPO’s portfolio. Crucially, managing a portfolio requires clarity on which SPOs to add and which to exit and how to add value to the portfolio SPOs during their investment period. As such, portfolio management includes pre-engagement, capacity building, impact assessment and multi-sector collaboration. There are different strategies such as geographic or sector focused approaches.

In 2015, we published 4 case studies in this area. For 2016, this is one of the areas we will expand with case studies, a guide on portfolio management and if useful, workshops. If you want to get involved, here are a list of ways you can do so and you can reach us on knowledge@avpn.asia

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Case Studies

Impetus-PEF: Phase-by-Phase Portfolio Management producing Dual Outcomes

Portfolio Management – Kamonohashi – Spiralling up through theory of change and portfolio management

Portfolio Management – Swades Foundation: Executing irreversible change at scale

Portfolio Management – Bridges Ventures: Impact as an investment lens

Portfolio Management – Green Monday movement – one mission, many ventures

Lok Capital’s active portfolio management approach

Portfolio Management – RS Group: Investing in the future we want to create through Total Portfolio Management