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Gramalaya: Comprehensive WaSH, Menstrual Hygiene Management and Nutrition Management

For this project, Gramalaya aims to provide adequate knowledge and infrastructure to the underprivileged communities in Pudukottai District of Tamil Nadu, to adopt best practices in the area of menstrual hygiene, personal hygiene and nutrition.



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The Pudukottai District, being one of the most backward districts in the state of Tamil Nadu has poor social economic conditions and the people in these villages lack the knowledge about best practices for hygienic living, menstrual hygiene management and adopting nutrition in their way of life.

We strive to work towards helping people in these marginalized communities adopt practices that are nutritious, good for menstrual health management and to get them access to a hygienic way of living.


At Gramalaya, we aim to address the issue of an unhygienic and poor quality of living in marginalized communities through the following ways:

  • Spread Awareness and Educate - To equip women and girls in villages on menstrual hygiene practices, through CBOs (Community-based organisations) and their capacity building plus training programmes. Through social marketing and with the help of trained health educators form Gramalaya , we encourage and support female community members to use eco-friendly reusable cloth pads.
  • Education on MHM (Menstrual Hygiene Management) - To girls studying in the schools of Pudukottai District through interactive sessions and IEC (Information Education Communication) materials designed by Gramalaya.
  • Smart Toilets - We construct smart toilets for the rural poor who have very less infrastructure in terms of toilet coverage, and support them to carry out hygienic practices.
For more information on our solution, do refer to our slide deck.

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