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Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE)

AWARE is Singapore’s leading gender equality group. Our mission is to remove all gender-based barriers and we do this in three ways: research and advocacy, education and training and support services.


Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE)

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We are seeking to address gender-based inequalities including violence against women, workplace harassment and discrimination, single parents and low income families, the burden of caregiving on women, and other gender-based social issues.


We outline 6 principles and accompanying policy recommendations to strive for a more equal, fair and just world:

1) Eradicate discrimination
  • Enact a comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation that prohibits discrimination in housing, employment, education and all other aspects of life.
2) Ensure decent work for all
  • Enact legislation that gives every employee the right to employment free of harassment, including sexual harassment and bullying
  • Introduce substantive labor protections for all casual workers not covered by the Employment Act
  • Enact legislation to give all employees the right to request flexible work arrangements that can only be denied by employers for business-related reasons
  • Amend the Tripartite Guidelines on Wrongful Dismissals to more clearly define poor performance, misconduct, and retrenchment
  • Ensure the right for employees to return to the same job after maternity or unpaid caregiving leave
  • Extend the Progressive Wage Model to all sectors with low-wage workers
3) End violence against women
  • Provide comprehensive gender and sexuality education at all educational levels. Include sections on consent, respect, healthy relationships, boundaries and sexual orientation.
  • Introduce a national code on sexual harassment that sets out duties of institutes of higher learning, provides victim-care support, and sets out standards and principles for investigation and management
  • Set-up an e-safety commission to expedite take-down orders for technology facilitated sexual assault
  • Introduce a statutory, positive definition of “consent” for sexual activities
4) Financially compensate and equally distribute unpaid domestic and caregiving work within families
  • Introduce a Caregivers’ Support Grant that subsidizes out-of-pocket caregiving expenses and helps build retirement adequacy of caregivers
  • Introduce paid family care leave for caregivers providing care to older relatives, similar to paid childcare leave
  • Make CareShield Life premiums gender-neutral
5) Treat all parents equally regardless of marital status and citizenship status
  • Allow unwed mothers to form a family nucleus with their child when applying for HDB housing, instead of approving grant applications on a case-by-case basis
  • Lower the age of eligibility for public rental housing to 18 years, from 21
  • Lengthen tenancy periods of rental housing and Interim Rental Housing for as long as necessary for single parents and their children to find stable housing without the threat of eviction
  • Empower HDB to enforce court orders to sell or transfer matrimonial flats upon divorce
  • Grant Long Term Visit Pass-Plus to all foreign spouses of citizens. Create a clear, timed process for these foreign spouses to obtain permanent resident status
6) Better support low-income households to meet basic needs
  • Allow all lower-income households to access government-subsidized childcare for free
  • Enhance support to ComCare recipients who find employment, by (i) extending ComCare payment for 12 months upon employment, (ii) introducing a “retention bonus” for job stability, and (iii) introducing a savings-match scheme to help build cash savings and incentivize saving
  • Enhance Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) for low-income persons by: (i) reducing the WIS age requirement, and (ii) reducing the barriers for SEPs to be eligible for WIS
  • Incentivize employers of shift workers to adopt flexi-shift or stable and core scheduling to accommodate caregiving schedules.

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