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Atoot: Sports for Development (S4D) Programmes for Holistic Development of Girls in Nepal

Atoot is a Football for Good (F4G) organization which avails equal sporting and educational opportunities to marginalized Nepali girls. We are disrupting the social narrative, one kick at a time.



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Social causes


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Global Fund for Children

GFC’s mission is to advance the dignity of children and youth around the world by making small grants to innovative community-based organizations.

Market of Implementation

  • Nepal


In Nepal, girls have no voice, no choice. They are isolated in their communities & given no decision making power over their lives. From birth they are expected to serve their families and are conditioned to obey/never question anything. While illegal, the dowry system is one of the most pressing issues girls face, where upon birth, a girl child is seen as a burden - a liability - due to the high price of dowry.

Within Nepal, the district of Kapilvastu has one of the highest rates of child marriage. 62% of girls between ages 10 - 19 get married in the district, which contributes to the national average of 41%. Girls’ education is systematically ignored in Kapilvastu; early school dropout is rampant among girls between Grades 5-8. The district also has one of the highest rates of gender discrimination and gender-based violence.

It is clear that there is a pressing need to tackle the various issues girls face in Kapilvastu, and Atoot has the solution for this.


At Atoot, we put the power into the hands of our beneficiaries and work intra-connected to build a strong feminist community. Our beneficiaries are given full democratic decision making power in our organisation. Such daily, democratic decision making helps build their leadership and decision making capacities, and also gives them ownership and responsibility over Atoot.

Through our daily programming, we educate & empower our beneficiaries to discover a feminist community which smashes barriers & challenges societal norms. Our beneficiaries gain greater knowledge, inner self worth & sense of entitlement by building their individual & team capacity. By participating across all platforms, the beneficiaries create a thriving feminist community which challenges & reimagines gender roles in their communities, addresses gender inequalities/disparities, learns about the dangers & illegalities of societal & cultural practices, & places the value in the girl child.

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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