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Cau Han Social Project

Cau Han Social Project seeks to establish a student’s club for children who come from disadvantaged migrant communities and maintain a scholarship program enabling them to obtain education.


Ho Chi Minh Child Welfare Foundation (HCWF)

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  • Vietnam


Most immigrant students drop out of school during the ages of 12 to 16 in order to work for their parents and take on various kinds of jobs. The School for disadvantaged student II under the Cau Han Social Project was established in 1999 and went into operation in 2000. Since then, 1000 students have attended the school, 150 students have continued into secondary studies, and 5 students have graduated from high school.


The project aims to run a student’s club and maintain a scholarship program to support and motivate them. There will also be training sessions and “start-up” loans for their families. Through these efforts the project aims to improve the students’ capabilities, motivation, and learning environment.

The project will also aim to prevent early dropout rate of immigrant students by:
  • Providing educational programs and vocational training for students
  • Raising the awareness of student’s parents and help them with the “start-up” program

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