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Childhood to Livelihood Program

Improves employability of 600 adolescent girls from underprivileged households in Karnataka, India through an integrated education programme that helps the girls complete their formal education.


Magic Bus India Foundation

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  • India


According to UNDP by 2050, 280 million more young people will enter the work force in India alone. They must have both education and work readiness to engage with the demands of a 21st century workplace. Yet in India only 48.46% adolescents are enrolled in secondary school and 32.68% are enrolled in higher secondary education (DISE 2014-15). Only 37.22% are employable (Wheebox Employability Skill Test, 2015),
  • Only one in every three young people actually complete their formal education and is employable.
  • Approximately two-third of the demographic bounty is therefore yet to be realized as the demographic dividend.


Magic Bus Childhood to Livelihood program targets to bridge the above gaps. It believes that the best way to get youth to become employable and transit successfully into the world of work are through:
  • Building life skills in Adolescents through Sport for Development and Mentoring thus preparing the ground for core employability skills required in the workplace.
  • Improving Adolescents Learning’s in the school by working on collaborative platform to address learning gaps, thus enabling the completion of secondary education.
  • Providing Career Counseling and build trade skills in the Youths by working on a collaborative platform so that he is job ready and get a job placement.

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