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Climate Change & Sustainable Agriculture

Implementing Vanuatu’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) by risk-informing, enabling and empowering community leaders and local level government to better design, plan and implement climate smart agriculture in indigenous villages


Santo Sunset Environment Network

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Food security is a major concern in Western Santo. Sitting in the rain shadow of the high Santo Mountain Chain, the dry season is often a time of shortage, when communities rely on imported and unhealthy processed foods.

Climate change is exacerbating these livelihood impacts. Local farmers are facing increasing difficulties to provide food and income for their families as climate is not sufficiently considered and farming practices are not fully risk informed. In the aftermath of the direct hit of category 5 Cyclone Harold, many farmers in Western Santo commenced growing kava for urgently needed income generation. To do this, they are clearing trees and forests near many of our sensitive rivers and streams, as they do not understand the impacts of kava farming on the environment of the Santo Mountain Chain Key Biodiversity Area.

There is now an increasing likelihood that critical forest areas will be cleared for unsustainable agriculture, making communities vulnerable. It is clear that there is a pressing need to provide climate smart agriculture techniques to indigenous villages, and Santo Sunset Environment Network (SSEN) has the solution for this.


At Santo Sunset Environment Network (SSEN), we aim to address climate change and provide sustainable agriculture to indigenous villages through the following solutions:

  • Climate smart, resilient, risk-informed and sustainable food production techniques are hybridized with traditional agriculture systems of famers across the Western Santo area in a way that supports implementation of the Western Santo Sustainable Development Plan 2030.
  • The capacity, knowledge and skills of Local Farming Associations on Western Santo are built to sustainably expand the use of climate smart and risk informed agriculture practices to support implementation of Vanuatu’s revised First Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) of 2021 which outlines quantifiable adaptation targets for the agriculture sector.
  • Women’s groups are connected via renewable-energy satellite internet community Wi-Fi mini stations to gain increased access to climate and risk information regarding markets for their handicraft, pandanus and food production programs, as well as regular meteorological, disaster, risk and production information.

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