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Cool Australia: Supporting Educators Globally through Cool+

Cool Australia creates digital education resources supporting 210,000 educators. We exist so students grow up in a happy, healthy and just society.


Cool Australia

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Educators are stressed and students are struggling. More and more educators are faced with teaching classes they are not qualified to teach. Through independent research, 76% of educators find their workload unmanageable and 45% work outside their areas of expertise. 75% of educators want to leave the profession. We want to ensure educators feel fully supported to stay in their profession long-term and reduce teacher turnover.

It is clear that there is a pressing need to support educators, and Cool Australia has the solution for this.


Cool Australia has existed for 15 years, supporting educators with an incredible reputation in the education space. The founder of Cool Australia, Jason Kimberley and CEO Thea Stinear are the co-founders of our new education-for-purpose, for-profit education venture called Cool+.

Cool+ premium content is a paid subscription-based offering of education products. Housed within the innovative platform cool.org, educators can access exclusive premium education content that will save them time and inspire the design of exceptional learning experiences.

The Grattan Institute recently did a study showing that using our resources will save more than three hours per week per teacher. We’re addressing ‘real-world’ problems. COVID-19, climate change, STEM, sustainability, and equality; in any given week, there are a number of challenging and unfamiliar topics for teachers to navigate.

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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