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Folia Filters Consumer Market Trials

Bangladesh, Indonesia and Mexico consumer market trials to localize past efforts by running marketing research and initial retail sales to establish a retail playbook/recipe for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) distributors.


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Social causes

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Market of Implementation


  • 2.1 billion people drink contaminated water including tap water and contaminated bottled water
  • Low-income overpay for water, paying more in both relative and absolute terms than upper income.
  • i.e. huge opportunity for cost savings from existing paying customers
  • Existing products are either expensive or low quality
  • Lack of quality solution leaves a huge unmet need


Products & Services
The Folia Filter™
  • Safe germ-free water for a family for a week
  • Kills disease-causing viruses and bacteria
  • Physically screens out parasites
  • Patent-pending technology is the result of 10 years of scientific research
  • Packaged like simple coffee filters
  • Flow rate: 2 to 4 liters/hour
  • Retail price: 50 ¢/50 liter filter paper ( 1¢/1L)
  • 60% margin for importer and their downstream customers
Target Market
  • 3 billion low-income people in developing countries who make $2-10/day
  • Existing $20B household water market, $58B bottled water market
  • Start with lower middle class or comparatively better off low-income urban E.g. Mumbai, Bangkok
  • Start in Mexico City and Jakarta
  • Higher awareness,
  • Well provisioned retail stores
  • Position as 75-90% savings vs. bottled water
  • Expand down market and across geographies
  • Years 3-5+ $330M NGO/$26B govt markets
Business Model
  • New product category within food/beverage consumer goods: water filters

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