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Generation Thailand: Transforming Education-to-Employment Systems in Thailand

Transforming education-to-employment systems to prepare, place, and support people into life-changing careers that would otherwise be inaccessible. We support unemployed and underemployed individuals.


Generation Thailand

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  • Thailand


The Covid-19 outbreak in Thailand has disrupted the workforce in the country and resulted in 7 million displaced workers. Workforce in various industries were also impacted by declined domestics and international demand.

There are a total of 230,000 university graduates in Thailand each year and two-thirds of them have difficulty securing entry level jobs. Youth aged between 15 to 24 have an unemployment rate of around 7%, and a NEET rate of around 15%. The number of unemployed persons with no work experience rose to 260,000 in Q1 of 2022, which is a 5.2% increase from Q1 of 2021. In addition, Thailand is one of the fastest-aging countries in the world. The proportion of the population aged 60 and above is projected to increase from 13% in 2010 to 33% in 2040. This projection threatens national productivity.

With constant changes and disruption, local workforce and young graduates in Thailand see the need to uplift their skills. It is clear that there is a pressing need to transform the education-to-employment systems in Thailand, and Generation Thailand has the solution for this.


At Generation Thailand, we aim to address breakdowns in the education-to-employment system through the following steps:
  1. Secure Job vacancies: Pre-confirmed jobs with employers from the start
  2. Recruitment: Learner recruitment based on intrinsics, effort, and requirements for the role
  3. Training and social support: 4—12 weeks of role-specific activity-based training, covering technical, behavioral, and mindset skills, with social support services provided in parallel
  4. Job placement: Demonstration-based interviews for our graduates with employers for immediate job placement
  5. Mentorship and community: Mentorship during and after the program up to 6 months to support the learner’s transition
  6. Return on Investment (ROI): ROI-tracking for employers and alumni over time
  7. Data-centered approach: At every step we collect data to ensure timeline, precise decision making that creates positive impact for employers, learners, and society

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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