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HEBAT is a school based life skill educational program which seeks to increase knowledge among the youth about HIV and AIDS, drugs and sexual reproductive health.


HEBAT! – HIdup Sehat Bersama Sahabat (Healthy Living with Friends)

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Market of Implementation

  • Indonesia


Among 250 million of Indonesia's population, there are estimated 690,000 people living with HIV and mostly are among age 20-29 years old. Between 2002 and 2015, new HIV infection almost doubled from 39,000 to 75,000 (www.aidsdatahub.org). This fact shown that HIV is still a threat for the future health of young people, and to the work force particularly, if there is no prevention effort ever been made. A research done by Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University under the project of IMPACT in 2009 said that most of young people actually already had good knowledge related to HIV/AIDS, drugs and sexual reproductive health. Unfortunately they had been lack in life skill and still vunerable to engage risky behaviour. They need to develop life skills such as decision making, communication, analytical thinking, interpersonal skill and how to say no as well as increase their knowledge about HIV and AIDS, drugs and it's consequences and also about sexual reproductive health.


This situation drove UNPAD to develop a comprehensive prevention program based in school. School has choosen to be the targeted place with consideration that more than 80% of teenagers are still enroll in schools. This will be make it easier to reach them. Other reasons is that school may give assurance of sustainability. This project then called HEBAT!(means great), a comprehensive prevention and education program for school's teenagers. HEBAT! use interactive methods and learning tools to enhance knowledge, develop positive attitude and practice good life skill of the students. This intervention aims to change young people's perception about risky behaviour and then empower themselves in HIV prevention.

This program targeting students in junior high schools age 12-15 years old. It has been implemented since 2010. Start with 5 schools and now has 40 participated schools. HEBAT! has reached more than 60,000 young people. The need to spread it more has arise in order to give deeper and continuous impact. Therefore, more support is need to make it possible.

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