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Inache is a two-way, anonymized, multilingual communication tool aimed at enabling worker voice in manufacturing settings thereby improving the work environment and business outcomes.


Good Business Lab

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In India, low-skill, mass-manufacturing industries are characterized by a hostile work environment. High stress, production timelines, and systemic gender discrimination create a negative work environment, manifesting in the form of abuse and harassment. These issues often go unreported or unresolved, contributing to low levels of worker well-being, high rates of attrition, absenteeism and low business productivity. Moreover certain sectors employ ~60% women at entry level positions, but offer limited opportunities for upward mobility.

Good Business Lab’s research shows that traditional mechanisms of communication, like suggestion boxes and helplines, are not trusted and used infrequently by workers, often due to fear of retaliation, thus, limiting transparent, accountable, and anonymous two-way interaction. The dual challenge of poor working conditions and its negative impact on businesses emphasizes the need for innovative solutions focused towards improving worker wellbeing while addressing larger systemic issues like gender power asymmetry and the lack of an accessible, easy for businesses to use grievance redressal system.

It is clear that the key lies in finding a mutually beneficial solution for businesses and workers. Good Business Lab (GBL) has developed precisely such a solution.


GBL has developed Inache keeping workers and businesses at the center.

Inache is a two-way, multilingual communication tool, that enables low-income, low-literacy frontline workers to anonymously share concerns with management via channels that are more accessible to them i.e. SMS and voice calls. It provides businesses with a dashboard that streamlines communications, enabling better response and furthers accountability through performance-based incentives. Inache offers real time reporting and ensures satisfactory resolution via quality checks. Our team also engages with businesses to provide training to all users and workers, create tailored standard operating procedures, and deliver on-ground support during implementation.

By improving accessibility for workers and creating a transparent, accountable process, Inache improves worker communication in factories, fostering a mutually beneficial environment. Workers feel heard with the surety that their grievances will be addressed while firms profit from greater loyalty, retention and productivity.

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