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JALA Tech: Tech-Driven Shrimp Farming in Indonesia

Improving the performance of shrimp farming is crucial to achieving effective productivity. With a sustainable and responsible farming system, our tech solutions help revolutionize this industry.



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40% of Indonesian aquaculture is shrimps, which account for 8.8% of the global shrimp supply. With a $2.2B market size, shrimp's annual growth rate is at 9%, whereas aquaculture is at 5.7%. However, Indonesia is still facing the problem of the lack of shrimp supply even though we have more than 86K Ha of farming land.

More than 70% of shrimps are being farmed in traditional and semi-intensive ways, producing shrimps at less than 5 tons/Ha, whereas big-scale farms can reach more than 20 tons/Ha productivity. We can solve this issue by helping smallholder farmers intensify their farms. However, the major issue for intensive farming is unpredictable yields due to shrimp disease and environmental issues. Without proper management to address these issues, farmers can lose more than $100K per Ha. These are issues that we can address with data-driven solutions.


When we started JALA in 2016, the shrimp industry was at a rapid growth until a disease outbreak. Many farms suddenly collapsed, our co-founder's farm, Aryo's, was one of them. Luck was the reason some smallholder farms keep standing, other than money, which the big farms used to invest in new chemical solutions that keep their farms stable. But overall, no data that told them why.

This is why we believe our solutions walk on the right path. The JALA App makes it possible for farmers to understand what's happening on the farm, and the App algorithm help farmers act faster and more precisely to any data anomalies. And when thousand of farmers are using our App, we are able to get more insights from every one of them, strengthen the algorithm, and at the same time, fuel our big data.

Through this, we can understand farmers' behaviour and their farms' productivity, which enables us to create a production map, a disease outbreak map, and many more, in a way to advise better farming practices.

For more information on our work, do refer to our Pitch Deck.

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