Khushi Baby

Created an inexpensive wearable digital necklace with cloud computing tracking technology for maternal and child health at the last mile in India.


Khushi Baby

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Market of Implementation

  • India


Current approaches rely on paper and result in duplicate records, poor decision making at the point of care, inefficiencies with multiple hand offs, and losses in quality of actionable data as it is passed along and entered by multiple stakeholders. Ultimately district officials and nurses alike have little track over which children have been left out of the required vaccination schedule. 500,000 children die every year in India from vaccine preventable disease. A digital system that works at the last mile is what Khushi Baby has created to make sure no child falls through the gaps.


Our mobile app coupled with our wearable (Near-Field Communication) NFC pendant allows nurses to determine what vaccines are due for any individual patient simply by bringing the phone in close proximity of the child’s pendant. This makes patient medical history readily available to the health workers, making vaccinations camps run smoother, faster and with greater accuracy than ever before. We also provide families with voice call reminders to use the data to drive community engagement towards uptake of essential health services. The center of the project lies with the Khushi Baby necklace – a cultural symbol in these villages that can become a digital identity that connects them to social and health services that otherwise ignore vast segments of rural BoP India.

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