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Kinexcs Kimia

Creates high-resolution wearable devices and softwares to remotely monitor, analyse and report post-surgical rehabilitation progress.


Kinexcs Private Limited

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ASK Health Consulting Co., Ltd.

ASK Health is an Asia-based think tank, consultancy l, and venture builder in healthcare. Headquartered in Singapore, ASK Health has extensive experience and operations in Southeast Asia, Mainland China, and Macau, with close partnerships in India, Japan, Korea, Australia, and the Middle East.

Market of Implementation

  • Singapore


More than 60% elderly above the age of 65 years have joint related comorbidities that may lead to a surgery. We have realized that the needs of this ever-growing silver population across the world would require our business to serve the unique needs of different stakeholders in the treatment and care ecosystem, while also engaging the patient in the process. In our solution, from a health practitioner’s perspective, easy access to patient’s clinical data and the ability to remotely consult the patient will give more control over the rehabilitation and compliance monitoring process, while increasing their productivity and clinical efficiency. From an elderly patient’s perspective, reduction in the number of clinical visits and thereby treatment costs result in greater comfort and a home environment to rehabilitate in. Additionally, the proposed interactive platform also aims to connect and engage patients and their next of kin with the larger community.


Our main concept is to use high-resolution wearable devices to remotely monitor, track, analyse and report the progress of the patient who is undergoing rehabilitation after surgery. Currently, clinicians have observed reduced clinical and functional outcomes post-operatively, which includes joint stiffness, reduced knee range of motion, reduced lower limb muscle strength, increased pain and a risk of injury. These poor clinical outcomes arise due to non-compliance to prescribed exercise regimes on patient’s part that results in an increased length of rehabilitation and greater healthcare costs. Our goal is to empower clinicians by providing localized, actionable data and compliance information. We also plan to build interactive tools to enable tele-rehabilitation and guided therapy at the home of the patient. This will ease remote patient-clinician interaction and make rehab outcome based, fun and effective.

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